News Brief: Burdett to step into admin position, Hayes principal to lead high school next year

Nick Jones officially takes position for 2022-2023


Soomin Chung

The above graphic, created by Soomin Chung, offers highlights principal John Burdett. While Burdett will complete the 2021-2022 school year in his current position, current Hays Middle School principal Nick Jones will take Burdett’s position for the next school year. “This will not be a goodbye because I will continue to work with PHS in multiple ways as we continue to connect and grow with each other,” Burdett said in an email sent to parents.

Caleb Audia, Multimedia Director & Assistant News Editor

Principal John Burdett recently announced via an email that he plans to move into a new position after the current school year. He sent his note to parents and students Wednesday, Dec. 15. Hayes Middle School principal Nick Jones will work as the next principal for Prosper High in the upcoming school year.

In the email, Burdett reflected on his time serving in the principal role, as well as the connections that he has made.

“My four and a half years as principal at PHS have allowed me to connect and grow with thousands of kids and families,” Burdett said. “I could not have asked for a better opportunity when I joined Prosper ISD in the spring of 2017.”

Burdett also said that he is not leaving the district once the school year is over.

“This will not be a goodbye because I will continue to work with PHS in multiple ways as we continue to connect and grow with each other,” Burdett said. “You all hold a special place in my heart and in my memories. I look forward to taking the exceptional work from PHS and combining it with the great things going on at other schools/departments in PISD to make an even bigger and more positive impact on our kids.”

Math teacher Thomas Gomez said Burdett continues to inspire teachers and students through his suggestions.

“Dr. Burdett has challenged me, to challenge myself, in my approach with problem-solving,” math teacher Thomas Gomez said. “It’s not the end goal, but it’s the approach to the every-single-day things that matter, that make the bigger difference.”

Jones has been working in Prosper ISD since 2006, and he is expected to visit campus frequently in the following semester.

“I think he’s going to help the school grow,” freshman Sydney Lee said. “I hope he’ll really impact the students’ lives.”


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