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Eagle Nation Online

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ENN LIVE on Fridays at 10:21 a.m.

Eagle Nation Online newspaper journalists work closely with both the ENN broadcast and the Talon radio students to serve the readers, viewers and listeners who want, need and enjoy knowing the news coming out of Prosper High School.

Eagle Nation News
Eagle Nation News is the online broadcast outlet for Prosper High School and the surrounding community. The ENN broadcast journalists bring award-winning student coverage to the readers and viewers who want, need and enjoy the news coming out of Prosper High School. The ENN staff has accumulated multiple Pacemaker and Lone Star EMMY awards. The weekly broadcast airs live on Fridays at 10:21 a.m. ENN is student-produced and features high school student activities and accomplishments along with a teen perspective on world, national and local news. Michael Hatch and Natalie Merrill advise the broadcast team.
The Talon Radio
The Talon, a student-produced radio station is here. To listen now, click this link.
The Talon plays a mixture of the “top rock songs of all time,” brought to you by student journalists of the Radio/Digital Audio Technology I & II classes. According to adviser Michael Hatch, the students deliver their expertise with music research, music testing, formatting, (re)branding, studying the competition, broadcast software, music programming, imaging (the stuff you hear between the music), copywriting, digital production, social media, and promotions. The station stays on air 24/7/365.

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