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Summer Eagle Brief offers up-to-date information

Looking forward ... Looking Back ... 
Junior Christi Norris explores different avenues of photography by developing her first roll of black-and-white film.

Christi Norris and Amanda Hare

June 26, 2020

Watch for ongoing updates. Last Updated - June 30, 2020. First Scheduled - June 25 Looking Forward Here's the latest:                   Links to District Updates/Calendars 2020-2021 PISD School Year Update The above link contains more details on e-learning or in-person learning o...

Graduation moves to June 5

Graduation moved from The Star in Frisco on May 22 to Children's Health Stadium on June 5. The ceremony will last three hours and will follow guidelines set by the Texas Education Agency.

Ryan Stanley, Assistant Editor

May 13, 2020

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced four graduation options for schools on May 5. These options include virtual ceremonies, hybrid ceremonies, vehicle ceremonies and outdoor-in-person ceremonies. With this announcement, graduation has moved from May 23 to June 5 at the Children's Health Stadium...

Analysis: Boeing continues new aircraft development, how this could affect Airbus sales

According to Boeing, its  777x can fly up to 8,730 miles without re-fueling. Boeing continues its development and release-planning for an expected public sell date of the aircraft in 2021. While no U.S. airlines have shown interest, international-flying airlines, based overseas,  already are placing orders. U.S. airlines plan to order more Airbus aircraft as Boeing's stock continues to fall.

Caleb Audia, Writer, Photographer

May 1, 2020

While it's unclear when the airlines will be back to normal pre-COVID-19 business, Boeing, an aircraft manufacturer located in Seattle, Wash., despite canceled orders and lower credibility, continues to develop its new aircraft: the 777x. So far, no U.S. corporations have placed orders for the aircr...

Eagle Brief/Uplifting May 1-8

A high school student prepares for elearning by getting all she needs for the day prepared.

Christi Norris, Caroline Wilburn, and Demetric Johnson

May 1, 2020

Looking Ahead Dual Credit Enrollment Update Prosper ISD May Calendar Prosper High School May Calendar Rock Hill High School May Calendar Prosper ISD COVID-19 Homepage 2020-20201 New Student Information 2020-2021 School Year Attendance Zone Information   Uplifting http:// ...

New Director of Bands stands ready to step into Rock Hill position

JP Wilson was hired only a few months ago as the first ever Director of Bands at the new Rock Hill High School.

Kate L. Keeler, Columnist

April 28, 2020

  JP Wilson once thought that he wanted to be an accountant. But he traded numbers for notes, and became a music educator instead. Now, he will serve as the first Rock Hill High School Director of Bands. “I was actually going to go to UCONN (University of Connecticut) for accounting,”...

Eagle Brief/Uplifting Apr. 24 – May 1

Light shines over buildings in Prosper acting as a beacon of hope for those in isolation. It has been six weeks since PISD began its social distancing.

April 24, 2020

Looking Ahead Dual Credit Enrollment Update Prosper ISD April Calendar Prosper High School April Calendar Prosper High School April Athletic Calendar Rock Hill High School April Calendar Prosper ISD COVID-19 Homepage 2020-20201 New Student Information 2020-2021 School Year Atte...

Counselors take measures to curb anxiety amid COVID-19

Junior Emily Reish and counselor Jeff Strowe meet for a virtual counseling session. Administrators and counselors teamed up to check on students, using home visits, text messages to parents, chromebook drop-off and encouraging videos.

Isabella Abraham, Feature/Copy Editor

April 24, 2020

  During this unprecedented pandemic and e-learning situation, counselors have taken steps to assist students with mental health concerns. From setting up supportive counseling Google Classrooms for each grade to providing one-on-one video sessions for individuals, counselors continue to work...

Column: A new ‘good’ comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic, possible cut-backs in pollution

Stormy skies travel east, bringing warm weather to the city of Prosper. Now through next week, the weather is perfect for an early morning run, walk or even bike ride - while practicing recommended social-distancing guidelines. According to research done by columnist Caleb Audia, people not using vehicles and other pollution-causing resources while under stay-at-home recommendations may be bringing a positive impact on the environment.

Caleb Audia, Reporter

April 23, 2020

Even though more than 187,000 people worldwide have died from COVID-19, a silver lining may exist: less pollution - even here at home. In Nov. 2019, a new type of Coronavirus started its outbreak across the world, leading many countries to close borders and act swiftly. Unfortunately, people have taken these precautions too lightly. Today we have ...

Eagle Brief/Uplifting Apr. 17 – 24

Sophomore Christi Norris finds her cure for quarantine anxiety by following Bob Ross to learn how to use oil paints.

Christi Norris and Caroline Wilburn

April 16, 2020

Looking Ahead Dual Credit Enrollment Update Prosper ISD April Calendar Prosper High School April Calendar Prosper High School April Athletic Calendar Rock Hill High School April Calendar Prosper ISD COVID-19 Homepage Uplifting http:// Prosper Tennis athletes off to a strong start...

Grid view comes available in school video chats

The Eagle Nation Online staff smiles for a picture during their pitch meeting. Staff meetings happen every week day at 11:30 over Google Hangouts Meet.

Kennedy Wyles, Chief Operating Officer

April 15, 2020

As video chats such as Google Hangouts Meet become more prevalent in students' lives worldwide, new improvements have been made to make learning online an easier and more efficient process. The new add-on Google Meet Grid View gives students and advisers a grid view of every person in their chat....

Eagle Brief/Uplifting Apr. 10 – 17

Sophomore Meghan Gordon's mom, Jennifer works from home. Students and parents have found spaces throughout their living spaces to complete both school and business responsibilities. After Dallas county authorized a “shut-down” on all “non-essential businesses,” employers were forced to close their doors and send employees home. Those who now work at home are faced with the task of setting up a workspace and continuing business as usual. The attached Eagle Brief provides district and school reminders and highlights for April 10-17.

Christi Norris and Demetric Johnson

April 10, 2020

Looking Ahead The school district has released a new statement regarding COVID-19 and the extension of e-Learning. Prosper ISD COVID-19 School Closure Update Important information has been released regarding students looking to enroll in Dual Credit Classes for next year. Dual Credit Enrol...

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