Podcast: CK-1 – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Burdett highlights services for students

Caitlyn Kennedy interviews Burdett for new ‘Cares for Kids’ program


Standing in front of a Hope Squad banner, principal John Burdett and senior Caitlyn Kennedy pose for a picture. In the podcast series titled CK-1, Burdett and Kennedy talk about upcoming events and impactful initiatives the school is taking to include students and improve the community. Burdett and Kennedy plan on producing more podcasts over the school year, discussing important topics such as mental health awareness, inclusion and student-school relationships.

In this first episode of the podcast, called CK-1, a dream that principal Dr. John Burdett has for his school and the students is shared. Every other week will be a new topic and discussion about Prosper High School. Dr. Burdett is known for always ending emails with the phrase “for the kids.” As a result, the podcast title has a double meaning. CK-1, standing for senior and design editor Caitlyn Kennedy, is one of the meanings, but principal “Cares for Kids,” a tribute to Burdett’s email closings, also contributes to the concept.

Topics covered:

Upcoming school events

New student connections

Hope Squad

Community inclusion

The original podcast episode was published on Spotify (through Anchor) on Sept. 16, and its publishing was delayed on Eagle Nation Online.