Podcast: CK-1 – Episode 2 – Burdett highlights Makayla Noble’s fight, fundraisers


In a digitally created image created on Canva.com by Design Editor Caitlyn Kennedy, the podcast title “CK-1” is shown on an outline of a graduating student. Kennedy’s weekly podcast with Principal Dr. John Burdett covers local initiatives and school events taking place in the Prosper community. In the second episode of the podcast series, Burdett and Kennedy cover the topic of student Makayla Noble, and updates to her health journey to recovery.

Seniors and varsity cheerleaders Evan McDonald, Amanda Vilello and Isabelle Lawless wear their Makayla Noble Hope Squad shirts while getting a photo with principal John Burdett. In the second episode of the podcast series CK-1, senior Caitlyn Kennedy and Burdett cover important topics, such as Makayla Noble’s story. Other topics discussed in the podcast are ways that students and staff can make a difference through fundraising. (Photo by Michael Ramirez, caption by Caleb Audia)

In the second episode of the podcast CK-1, student Makayla Noble’s journey is shared, as well as ways you can help in her physical health fight. To continue as planned, a new podcast covering a new topic and discussion about Prosper High School will be published each week. Dr. Burdett is known for always ending emails with the phrase “For Kids.” As a result, the podcast title has a double meaning. CK-1, standing for senior and design editor Caitlyn Kennedy, is one of them, but “For Kids,” a tribute to Burdett’s email closings, also contributes to the concept.

Topics covered:

Makayla Noble


Uplifting updates

Making a difference in Makayla’s fight

The original recording of the podcast episode was recorded during the week of Oct. 4. Click here for the latest updates on Makayla’s journey.