Podcast: CK-1 – Episode 3 – Burdett highlights bathroom locks, spirit week


In a digitally created image created on Canva.com by Design Editor Caitlyn Kennedy, the podcast title “CK-1” is shown on an outline of a graduating student. Kennedy’s weekly podcast with Principal Dr. John Burdett covers local initiatives and school events taking place in the Prosper community. In the third episode of the podcast series, Burdett and Kennedy cover the topic of student spirit week, hats in dress code, as well as locks on bathroom doors.

In the third episode of the “CK-1 Podcast,” senior Caitlyn Kennedy and Principal Dr. John Burdett discuss the closing of bathrooms as well as how it can benefit the school. Burdett also talks about the week-before-Thanksgiving spirit days and how the students participate.

Topics covered:

Locks on the bathrooms

Hat regulations

Spirit week

The original recording of the podcast episode was recorded during the week of Nov. 1stView the story below to get the latest updates on Prosper’s bathroom policies. 

School to install locks on bathroom entrance doors