Editorial: School starts year in right direction with new student activities


Michael Ramirez

Instruments in the air, the Prosper Mighty Eagle Band performs during the new student pep rally Thursday, Aug. 5. This gathering marked one of the many programs created this year to welcome students to the school. “I was really excited about the freshman/new student pep rally because it presented a great opportunity to help students feel welcome and be immersed into the Eagle Nation environment,” spirit leader organizer Natalie Merrill said. “We want to continue to foster an engaging sense of school spirit, and pep rallies are a perfect way to do so.”

Amanda Hare and ENO Staff

To welcome new students and freshmen, the school has implemented new activities this year. On Thursday, Aug. 5, a new student pep rally claimed the spotlight, and after the pep rally welcoming committees, student ambassadors, student council and Hope Squad members stationed themselves around the school to help with tours and schedules. The school also will hold a breakfast for new students Aug. 26 during fifth period. In addition, quarterly breakfasts will be held for students who join the school later this year.

The school administration made a great decision to implement these outreaches, especially since past new students have expressed that they wished that the school did more to make them feel welcome.

Since the school is so large, it’s important to welcome new students. It already can be hard for students to find a place for themselves in the school, but being new can make it even more difficult. The new student pep rally offered a great way to introduce students – both new to the school and freshman – to many of the programs that the school has to offer. Similarly, everyone stationed to help with tours and schedules provided vital extra help to new students, especially when it can be hard to navigate the confusing side hallways and room numbers.

One upcoming event will offer a great opportunity for new students to meet others who are new. Specifically, the breakfast on Aug. 26 will help new people meet each other and make connections and friends that they may not have been able to make without it. As well, it’s great that the school will hold these breakfasts every quarter to welcome those who may join the district during the year. Transferring schools midyear can be difficult, so this breakfast initiative provides a great way for students to connect with one another.

It’s especially great that these changes have been prompted by comments students have made about their experiences. It’s awesome that the school listened to the critiques and worked to fix them, which can also be good foreshadowing for future school decisions. With this, new students and freshmen should utilize these new programs and enjoy the school year.

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