Seniors answer new student questions


Christy Escobar

For this episode of the “Dear Freshmen” segmant of “On the Mic,” new student sophomore Claire Moore shares her thoughts with seniors Emma Hutchinson and host Emily Reish. The topics included dress code, portables and the multipurpose facility, a.k.a, the MPF. Other topics that confuse new students also claimed some time.

Emily Reish and Emma Hutchinson


On this very first episode of “Dear Freshmen,” seniors Emily Reish and Emma Hutchinson listen to sophomore and recent transfer student Claire Moore’s pondering questions about Prosper High School’s dress code, schedule and student privileges. “Dear Freshmen” is a segment of the podcast “On the Mic,” hosted by Emily Reish, that was designed to help incoming 9th-graders and new transfer students navigate the world of all things Prosper while they also reflect on high school horror stories and other memorable moments.

Topics Covered:

  • Dress code
  • Junior/senior release opportunities
  • Bell schedule
  • MPF
  • Learning cottages

I hope to encourage others who may be struggling with similar situations – and provide a sense of comfort. Having someone to relate to can definitely give relief.

— Claire Moore