News Brief: UIL teams to win district championship


Amanda Hare

Displayed on a desk in the journalism news room, the UIL journalism district champion trophy sits with other UIL medals from this year. UIL academic teams competed on Friday, March 26 and Saturday, March 27. As of right now, Prosper will win the district championship.

Amanda Hare, Assistant Editor

Prosper academic teams competed in the 6-A Region 1 District 5 UIL competition on Friday, March 26 and Saturday, March 27. As results stand, Prosper will win the district championship with 520 points. Allen High School is currently second place with 466 points. The regional competition is set to occur April 16-17.

“Journalism won the district championship in every event and all students who entered an event medaled,” student activities coordinator Rachell Grant said. “Speech and debate won the district championship in all but one event.”

The speech and debate team came in first place and brought in 194 points. The journalism team won first place and brought in 171 points. Overall, Prosper had 26 regional qualifiers.

Rock Hill High School also competed on Friday and Saturday in the 5-A division. So far, they have 23 regional qualifiers and will be district champion runner-up.

Students who earned points for the school follow:


  • 2nd – Riley Smith (Regionals)
  • 3rd – Hudson Simon (Regionals)
  • Coached by Francisco Salas

Calculator Apps

  • 1st – Austin Garner (Regionals)
  • 6th – Toby Foster
  • 2nd place team – Austin Garner, Toby Foster, Chase Bias, Stephen Phillips
  • Coached by Thomas Gomez

Computer Science

  • 4th – Shrideep Gaddad
  • 2nd place team – Shrideep Gaddad, Ian Gappinger, Carson Diamond, Brittany DeWald
  • Coached by Elise Calhoun

Copy Editing

  • 1st – Grace Williamson (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Emma Hutchinson (Regionals)
  • 4th – Annika Karri
  • Coached by Lisa Roskens

Editorial Writing

  • 1st – Amanda Hare (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Grace Williamson (Regionals)
  • 5th – Alyssa Clark
  • Coached by Lisa Roskens

Feature Writing

  • 1st – Gabby Winans (Regionals)
  • 3rd – Emma Hutchinson (Regionals)
  • 4th – Liily Oxley
  • Coached by Lisa Roskens

Headline Writing

  • 1st – Amanda Hare (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Gabby Winans (Regionals)
  • 6th – Grace Williamson
  • Coached by Lisa Roskens

Informative Speaking

  • 1st – Drew Wessels (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Ana Ortega (Regionals)
  • Coached by Michael Crookston

Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • 4th – Carrisca Baker
  • Coached by Michael Crookston

Literary Criticism

  • 3rd – Drew Wessels (Regionals)
  • Coached by Michelle Furr


  • 3rd – Toby Foster (Regionals)
  • 4th – Austin Garner
  • 2nd place team – Toby Foster, Austin Garner, Jackson Steed
  • Coached by Thomas Gomez

News Writing

  • 1st – Grace Williamson (Regionals)
  • 4th – Morgan Reese
  • 5th – Kalyani Rao
  • Coached by Lisa Roskens

Number Sense

  • 5th – Hudson Simon
  • 6th – Jackson Steed
  • 2nd place team – Hudson Simon, Jackson Steed, Stephen Phillips, Alexander Phillips
  • Coached by Thomas Gomez

Persuasive Speaking

  • 1st – Elizabeth Myers (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Zoe Bergman (Regionals)
  • Coached by Michael Crookston


  • 1st – Charlize Fedele (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Lauren Grammer (Regionals)
  • 3rd – Alex Oshunkentan (Regionals)
  • Coached by Vicki Kirkley


  • 1st – Elizabeth Myers (Regionals)
  • 2nd – Marlee Parrish (Regionals)
  • 3rd – Marissa Denman (Regionals)
  • Coached by Vicki Kirkley

Ready Writing

  • 2nd – Abigail Gallagher (Regionals)
  • 4th – Dylan Buchmiller
  • Coached by Michelle Furr


  • Top Biology – Yanhao Hu (Regionals)
  • 2nd place team – Yanhao Hu, Tyler Seibert, Kavish Muthum
  • Coached by Monya Offill and Launa White

Spelling and Vocabulary

  • 4th – Charlie Koster
  • Coached by Michelle Furr

One-Act Play

  • District advancing to bi-district
  • Directed by Vicki Kirkley and assistants