Behind the Scenes – Season 2 – Episode 1 – ‘Queens’

Gabe Torres, Lauren Grammer, Marissa Denman discuss American High School Theatre Festival trip


Surrounded by his queens including alumna Jessie Kuhn, seniors Lauren Grammer, Mikayla Sexton, and Marissa Denman, juniors Anna Stringer, and Riley Quinonez, and sophomore Mary Freitas, senior Tate Lauby portrays dream King Henry VIII while sitting in the show’s lone set piece, a throne. The theatre department traveled to Scotland and England this summer for the International Fringe Theater Festival with the American High School Theater Festival. “We had to go for a more minimalist design with the set because transporting a large set is not realistic,” senior Lauren Grammer said. “We had a couple props and other things that were put into people’s carry ons. I would say that was a (from other shows).”

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During this episode of Behind the Scenes, host Cate Emma Warren discusses the Prosper Theatre Fringe show ‘Queens’. This podcast features interviews from two of the cast members: Lauren Grammer and Marissa Denman, as well as stage manager Gabe Torres.

Taking a book from her hands, dream King Henry VIII, played by senior Tate Lauby, scolds Catherine Parr, played by senior Marissa Denman, for trying to relay her own ideas for their government. Denman was also in last year’s theatre productions of ‘Lion King Jr.’, ‘The Crucible’, and ‘Godspell’. “Once we got to London we were there for 4 days,” Denman said. “We toured parts of the city. We walked around and got to do a lot of sightseeing. And we saw two castles (in Scotland).” (Cate Emma Warren)
Cate Emma Warren hosts Behind the Scenes to highlight the company members and the process of creating upcoming productions in the Theatre Department. (Cate Emma Warren)

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