Behind the Scenes – Season 2 – Episode 2 – ‘The SpongeBob Musical’

Pierce Polomsky, Sophia Sanchez, Aiden Hansen discuss upcoming spring musical


Mid-discussion, juniors Pierce Polomsky and Sophia Sanchez and sophomore Aiden Hansen sit in the newsroom. Polomsky plays Squidward, Sanchez portrays Patrick Star and Hansen leads the show as SpongeBob. The show will open from April 13-15.

Editor’s Note: This podcast was recorded in a live working newsroom/classroom. 

During this episode of Behind the Scenes, host Cate Emma Warren discusses the theatre department’s upcoming show ‘The SpongeBob Musical.’ This podcast features interviews from three of the cast members: Pierce Polomsky, Sophia Sanchez and Aiden Hansen.

Cate Emma Warren hosts Behind the Scenes to highlight the company members and the process of creating upcoming productions in the Theatre Department. (Cate Emma Warren)

Topics Covered: 

Prosper Theatre

The SpongeBob Musical

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Music by @HoobeZa