Rock Hill administrators hire faculty, prepare for new staff event


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The front of Rock Hill High School stands in the midst of construction. Administrators have started hiring teachers for the new high school, including the football coach, counselors and assistant principals. "I believe that there is going to be something awesome for every student," future Rock Hill counselor Cezanne Rowland said. "I think it's going to turn out for the best for everyone."

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Rock Hill administration will host a meet-and-greet for newly-hired staff at Children’s Health Stadium Wednesday, Jan. 22. More events for students and parents will follow later this spring and summer.

The administration started the process of hiring staff for the new high school before the winter break. Now, school officials have named the football coach, as well as counselors and assistant principals, some of whom will switch from the current high school to Rock Hill.

“We got coaches from everywhere – not just Texas, but all over the United States – emailing us that they were interested in being the head football coach,” Rock Hill principal Dustin Toth said. “In the end, we had about 350 applications, and we had about 11 do an actual one-on-one interview.”

Faculty from anywhere in the district who want to switch over to Rock Hill will go through a two-week “Internal Transfer” application process.

“Once course selections are done, we are looking to open up an internal transfer window,” Toth said. “Then, we will look at that list to decide who all will come to Rock Hill from the district.”

Rock Hill’s juniors and seniors have been apart of the process of choosing the school diploma, letterman jacket, cap and gown, and school crest.

“I chose to go to Rock Hill,” sophomore Ella Dellanbach said. “I am just so stoked for all the natural lighting and the display. It’s going to be so cool.”

Toth said Rock Hill staff wants to plan a kick-off event for students and families this upcoming June.

“We will do our fight song for the first time, our alma mater and just do something big kind of in our front parking lot,” Toth said. “Then we can just open the building up and give some tours.”

Rock Hill administrators aim to move into the building at the end of May.

“I believe that there is going to be something awesome for every student,” future Rock Hill counselor Cezanne Rowland said. “I think it’s going to turn out for the best for everyone.”

Construction on the building is still underway, with carpets and paint already being put in some areas of the school.

“We actually got to go and walk the building before Christmas, and it is just unbelievable,” Rowland said. “I’m looking forward to just being there for kids and making sure we have a good school culture.”

Listen to the full interview with Rock Hill principal Dustin Toth below. 

This article was updated on Jan. 22 to add information on newly hired Rock Hill staff.