Prosper theatre performs Broadway Cabaret

Varsity Musical Theatre class present songs from various shows and upcoming productions


Cate Emma Warren

As part of the song ‘Live in Living Color’ from ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ sophomore Aiden Hansen holds his arm out high as he sings his solo. Hansen will play Marius in the upcoming production ‘Les Misérables.’ “I learned valuable leadership skills, and how to lead my cast through choreographing one of the group numbers for the cabaret,” Hansen said. “I think people should come see ‘Les Misérables’ because is a great story about love (as well as) the French Revolution, and it really teaches you a valuable lesson.”

In a sold out Black Box, the Varsity Musical Theatre class performed their annual cabaret on Oct. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Both musical theatre classes will perform ‘SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical’ this spring. In early November, the department will open its fall musical, ‘Les Misérables’ which will have performances Nov. 3, 4, and 5 at 6:30 p.m. and an additional performance Nov. 5 at 1:30 p.m. Additionally, the department will open ‘Clue! On Stage’ in December and it will run from Dec. 8-10. Tickets to upcoming theatre department productions can be found here.

The students chose ‘undeniable’ as their overall theme for the cabaret. They wore gold accents with their dress blacks to highlight the theme. The show was about an hour and a half long.

Act 1

“A Musical” (Something Rotten) – Company – Choreographed by senior Summer Riche

“Paciencia y Fe” (In The Heights) – sophomore Angelina Cuello

“Somethings Are Meant to Be” (Little Women) – senior Jessica Gabrillo and sophomore Averie Bensen

“Right Hand Man” (Something Rotten) – senior Kaley Carr

Courtesy of Prosper Theatre

“I Think I Got You Beat” (Shrek The Musical) – seniors Madyson Heaton and Stone Porter

“Words Fail” (Dear Evan Hansen) – senior Summer Riche

Standing in the light, senior Dylan Korsah sings ‘For Forever’ from Dear Evan Hansen. Korsah plays Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. “I chose ‘For Forever’ because I like the song and I really like the musical,” Korsah said. “However, I am doing a different song from Dear Evan Hansen for my ITS competition piece since I did not want to perform the same song twice.” (Cate Emma Warren)

“Pilate’s Dream” (Jesus Christ Superstar) – senior Austin Rose

“You’re Nothing Without Me” (City of Angels) – seniors Cooper Smith and Christopher al Tamez Rodriguez

“The End Of The Line” (Theory of Relativity) – seniors Marissa Denman and Kaley Carr

“It’s Quiet Uptown” (Hamilton) – seniors Dylan Korsah and Mikayla Sexton

“Santa Fe” (Rent) – junior Pierce Polomsky

“Therapy” (Tick, Tick… Boom!) – sophomores Aiden Hansen and Averie Benson

“Apex Predator” (Mean Girls) – senior Olivia Wren and junior Kalila Beak

“Hard to be the Bard” (Something Rotten) – junior Titus Boyd

“Pirauga” (In the Heights) – senior Chris al Tamez Rodriguez

“Superboy and the Invisible Girl” (Next to Normal) – sophomore Aiden Hansen and senior Jessica Gabrillo

“Run Away with Me” (Mad Ones) – senior Lauren Grammer

“Who I’d Be” (Shrek The Musical) – seniors Madyson Heaton, Stone Porter and Dylan Korsah

“For Now” (Avenue Q) – seniors Cooper Smith, Austin Rose and Olivia Wren, junior Titus Boyd, and sophomores Averie Benson, Erica Smith and Angelina Cuello.

Puppets in hand, seniors Cooper Smith and Austin Rose, junior Titus Boyd and sophomore Angelina Cuello sing For Now from Avenue Q. The group performance also included senior Olivia Wren and sophomores Averie Benson and Erica Smith. “We chose ‘For Now’ because we thought the puppets would be a funny addition and something unique to the show that no other group was doing,” Smith said. “As a class, we spent multiple weeks going over each number making sure everything was polished, clean and ready for the performance.” (Cate Emma Warren)

“Stars” (Les Misérables) – senior Stone Porter

“Requiem” (Dear Evan Hansen) – seniors Dylan Korsah, Marissa Denman, Madyson Heaton, and Lauren Grammer, junior Pierce Polomsky, and sophomore Aiden Hansen 

“Freak Flag” (Shrek The Musical) – Company – Choreographed by junior Kalila Beak

Act 2

Mid-scene, senior Austin Rose and junior Titus Boyd look out into the audience during their duet. The pair sang ‘Butter Outta Cream’ from Catch Me If You Can. “We first heard ‘Butter Outta Cream’ while we were in Indiana at Nationals this summer,” Boyd said. “We thought it would be a fun song to do together sometime and then the opportunity presented itself.” (Cate Emma Warren)

“Live in Living Color” (Catch Me If You Can) – Company – Choreographed by senior Kaley Carr

“Home” (Beauty and the Beast) – senior Mikayla Sexton

“Burn” (Hamilton) – junior Kalila Beak

“How Long” (Hadestown) – senior Lauren Grammer and junior Pierce Polomsky

“Out There” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) – sophomore Aiden Hansen

“I Know I Have A Heart” (Cinderella) – senior Marissa Denman

“I’ve Decided To Marry You” (A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder) – senior Austin Rose, and sophomores Averie Benson, and Angelina Cuello

“For the First Time in Forever Reprise” (Frozen) – senior Olivia Wren and sophomore Erica Smith 

“Hellfire” (Hunchback of Notre Dame) – senior Cooper Smith

In a rage, seniors Kaley Carr and Marissa Denman sing ‘The End of The Line’ from Theory of Relativity. Both were a part of ‘Godspell’ and ‘The Lion King Jr.’ last year. “I chose my solo song because two of my friends really wanted me to do it and I thought this was the perfect opportunity,” Denman said. “For the duet, Kaley and I really wanted to do a something together and we both really liked that song. We thought we would be able to pull the characters off and I think we did.” (Cate Emma Warren)

“The Beauty Is” (Light In The Piazza) – sophomore Averie Benson

“For Good” (Wicked) – senior Dylan Korsah and junior Pierce Polomsky

“My Most Beautiful Day” (Tuck Everlasting) – sophomore Erica Smith

“Only Us” (Dear Evan Hansen) – senior Summer Riche and sophomore Aiden Hansen

“Love is an Open Door” (Frozen) – sophomore Angelina Cuello and junior Titus Boyd

“Get Out and Stay Out” (9 to 5) – senior Olivia Wren

“My Grand Plan” (The Lightning Thief) – senior Jessica Gabrillo

“Butter out of Cream” (Catch Me If You Can) – senior Austin Rose and junior Titus Boyd 

“What is This Feeling?” (Wicked) – seniors Kaley Carr and Summer Riche

“For Forever” (Dear Evan Hansen) – senior Dylan Korsah

“Meet The Plastics” (Mean Girls) – seniors Summer Riche, Mikayla Sexton, and Chris al Tamez Rodriguez, and junior Kalila Beak

“Maybe This Time” (Cabaret) – senior Madyson Heaton

“Seize the Day” (Newsies) – Company – Choreographed by sophomore Aiden Hansen

“When I Grow Up” (Matilda) – Class of 2023 seniors – Choreographed by senior Austin Rose

“Seasons of Love” (Rent) – Company

Closing out act one of the show, the company sings ‘Freak Flag’ from Shrek the Musical while in their final pose. ‘Freak Flag’ was choreographed by junior Kalila Beak. “This was my second time choreographing for theatre,” Beak said. “Last year I choreographed for our Godspell show and it was really cool to get to choreograph again. Everyone picked it up really well and I think it turned out pretty great.” (Cate Emma Warren)