BSU kicks off year, discusses future ideas


Kevin Madzima

Talking to the students, BSU social media directors and juniors Jayden Sanders and Taylor Howell present at the first meeting of the year. Members founded the group last year and started 2022-23 by introducing their new officers Aug. 22. “I look forward to evolving from last year,” Sanders said. “I feel like every year we’re going to get better, bigger and stronger.”

Kevin Madzima

The Black Student Union will be welcoming new members with an official first meeting on Monday, Sep. 12, in the LGI from 4:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Last year’s members kicked off the school year with a “revamp” meeting Aug. 22.

At the August gathering, the officers introduced themselves and welcomed returning members from the previous year. They discussed their ideas and goals for the second year of BSU as well as took suggestions from their returning members on things they can do to improve this year. The group organized after its founders and current seniors, Victoria Montgomery and Lena Rodgers, suggested the idea to Shelly Patterson, the African American Studies teacher.

“My students wanted it (BSU),” Mrs. Patterson said. “My students approached me and said this was something they’ve always felt a need for and always wanted.” 

The officers introduced their main goals and ideas to improve on their achievements from their first year as well as to increase their presence in the school community. 

“I want us to be more active in the student body,” Montgomery said. “And, for everyone in Prosper to know that the Black Student Union exists.”

In addition to becoming more well known and involved with students, returning club members discussed ways the BSU can improve this year and make Prosper High School a more inclusive environment for all students. 

“I think people definitely should join so they can learn to not be ignorant,” senior Kendall Norwood said. “I think it was the main thing that I wanted to see more of in the meetings, like more teaching.”

For those interested in joining BSU, you can contact any of the officers through their social media or Mrs. Patterson at for information about joining.

“Go to Mrs. Patterson’s room at 2231,” Victoria said. “Ask her about the BSU. She knows exactly what to do.” 

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