Gratitude Column: New staff member shows appreciation to staff


Lisa Roskens

Junior Rusty Gonzales, sophomore Lily Oxley and seniors Gabriella Winans, Amanda Hare, Michael Ramirez and newspaper adviser Lisa Roskens stand by the Riverwalk in San Antonio. They represented the Eagle Nation Online team at the Texas Association of Journalism Educators Fall Fiesta state convention from Oct. 16-18. In the attached column, Ramirez shares his feelings about being a part of a team.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that my family takes as a gratitude time.  My family sits around the table and shares a meal with the people we all cherish and love wholeheartedly, and we take the time and acknowledge the wonderful things that have happened, and we share what we are grateful for. Personally, I try to say something different than family and friends, not because I am not grateful for them, but because I do not like being repetitive, and I want to make other people feel like there is so much more than just our friends and family to be grateful for.

This year I am grateful for the Eagle Nation Online team.

This is my first year on staff, so saying that I was nervous and scared is an understatement. When I first met the team, they were so kind and amazing – and they still are. They have taught me everything from writing to editing to photography to lighting to working with audio equipment. They have been there by my side helping me with my first article, all the way to helping figure out how to work a camera.

I am so grateful for this team because they have inspired me to challenge myself in so many different ways.

— Michael Ramirez

They guided me through the struggles of publishing in such a compassionate way. Everyone makes mistakes, and I especially make an absurd amount of them. However, the editorial board helps me fix my mistakes and does not hold them against me. They have created a loving team that I would not want to trade for the world.

The photographers on staff have also been so helpful and kind, as I found a passion for writing and taking photos. Answering any and every question I have had – whether it be during the time I see them or late at night – they have helped me become a better photographer – for our viewers – and for myself.

I am so grateful for this team because they have inspired me to challenge myself in so many different ways. They have been the kindest people to me, and everyone on the team has inspired me to be a better version of myself.