Newspaper staff shares summer photos

ENO Staff

Over the summer, the newspaper staff took a break from the year as they spend time with their friends and family and travel. The slideshow above shows how the staff members spent their summer. The newspaper staff begins their daily publishing on Eagle Nation Online with the first day of school, Aug. 11.

Smiling in front of Possum Kingdom Lake, senior Christi Norris waits for dinner at camp Grady Spruce. Norris was one of several junior and senior girls who were Youth Camp Leaders for the Prosper stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at their annual “girls camp.” “I loved having the opportunity to be a YCL,” Norris said. “I was able to not only have a fun week away from technology and stress, but I also got to be a leader for some of Prosper’s upcoming freshman and sophomores and help them have fun and feel like they had someone looking out for them.” (Christi Norris)
Looking up at the flowers, senior Soomin Chung sits on a bench. Chung visited South Korea, where she was born, over the summer. Due to COVID-19, South Korea required two weeks of quarantine for anyone entering the country in May. The restrictions have changed for those entering the country fully vaccinated. The photo was taken at Herb Island in Pochen, South Korea, where displayed was various plants and flowers for visitors, as well as offering workshops for soap, perfume, and diffusers using the scent of different herb plants. (Soomin Chung)
Freshman Jake Radcliffe drives his family’s boat on Lake Bob Sandlin in East Texas. Radcliffe got his boater’s license when he was in seventh grade, and has been using it ever since. “Sometimes I get scared and feel like I’m going to crash,” said Radcliffe. “But, overall, I really like boating. It can be really relaxing.” (Jake Radcliffe)
At a Mexican restaurant in Austin, TX, senior Michael Ramirez, Darnisha Gardere, Veronica Crawford, Audrey Ramirez and Michael Ramirez Sr. gather for a birthday dinner. The group chose Oasis, a Mexican-styled restaurant with a wide view over Lake Travis. “It was a very beautiful day outside,” Ramirez said. “It was a blast spending the day with my family.” (Michael Ramirez)
As the sun sets on Palacio de Cibeles, junior Kalyani Rao celebrates the end of the yearly Pride parade in Madrid, also known as Orgullo Gay. This summer, she spent one month in Madrid after winning of a scholarship from a study abroad program. “I really loved visiting a European city for the first time,” Rao said. “The old architecture, the food and the Spanish language all came together to form a wonderful first impression of Madrid, and I can’t wait to go back.” (Kalyani Rao)
As summer comes to an end, freshman Sofia Ayala spends the day with her friend Bri Smith and sister Michelle Ayala. Sofia, Michelle and Smith went to their community pool July 30. “It’s always fun going to the pool with friends in the summer,” Michelle said. “Before you know it, it will be fall.” (Sofia Ayala)
In the middle of summer, social media co-director and junior Rusty Joe Gonzales poses with junior Ashley Mercier. Gonzalez and Mercier spent the day in downtown McKinney July 14. “It was really fun to hangout with one of my closest friends,” Gonzales said. “Downtown McKinney is a really fun place to hangout and shop at, especially if you go with people you like.” (Rusty Joe Gonzales)
At Pizzeria Testa, seniors Gabriella Winans, Amanda Hare and Tiana Albino eat lunch after watching “Black Widow” at the Cinemark movie theater. They watched the movie on the first day it came out, Friday, July 9. “I loved the movie,” Hare said. “I was very excited for it, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.” (Amanda Hare)
Ready for take off, seniors Caroline Washburn, Alyssa Clark and Conner Frey prepare to visit Carlsbad, CA for vacation. Carlsbad is a beachside city located an hour north of San Diego. “This summer I was able to visit one of my childhood homes in California with two of my best friends,” Frey said. “We had a great time and being able to share part of my childhood with them was an amazing experience that I hope to have many more times.” (Alyssa Clark)

Standing in front of the University of Texas at Austin tower, siblings Sam and Neena Sidhu visit Austin. The siblings have been touring multiple colleges throughout the summer. Sam is a part of the class of 2022 and Neena is a part of the class of 2023. (Neena Sidhu)
As Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” appears on screen, patrons of the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit watch the show. This summer, senior Morgan Reese visited the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Downtown Dallas. The exhibit is open until Oct. 3, 2021. “It was incredible watching Van Gogh’s art come to life,” Reese said. “It was definitely worth the drive.” (Morgan Reese)
Hugging tightly, long distance best friends sophomore Kaya Miller and Ayla Moses reunite on June 19 after over a year apart. From the moment Miller picked up Moses from the airport, the two spent their two weeks together making up for lost time through laughter, traveling and enjoying the summer sun. “COVID-19 had taken so much from me,” Moses said. “But the hardest thing was how being away from Kaya for so long made me feel worse than being stuck at home.” (Kaya Miller)
As the sun sets, senior Gabriella Winans takes a picture outside of her plane window after landing in Dallas, TX, from Orlando, FL. Winans visited Disney World with her family this summer. “Disney World is definitely one of my favorite places, so I was really glad I got to go again,” Winans said. “Especially after not traveling due to the pandemic for so long.” (Gabriella Winans)