Course selection moves to Skyward


Isabella Abraham, Copy Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Students can select courses and view their graduation plan on Skyward starting Jan 24. Career Cruising is still available for more information on various occupations.

Counselors decided to make the switch after technical difficulties with the Career Cruising website.

With Career Cruising, we were having a little bit of a difficulty with new students enrolling,” counselor Penny Wiseman said. “Their information from other schools wasn’t showing up in Career Cruising, so it wasn’t letting them sign up for courses that students that have been here for several years could.”

Skyward has introduced a new program which allows students to view their graduation plan.

Skyward is where all your information is housed, like your transcripts and all the courses you currently take,” Wiseman said. “But now, they have a new tool for us to use and that’s going to be a career plan. Students will be able to look at their four year plan and look at their endorsement in Skyward.” 

PHS will also host a course expo on Jan. 31. Students can talk to teachers about classes and pick their electives.

“Students will be getting that information,” Wiseman said. “You can start looking at what courses you want to take.”

Wiseman hopes the new system will make course selection easier and more efficient.

“This year, without the amount of students we have enrolled in the last two years, it just was a natural progression for us to decide to move into Skyward,” Wiseman said. “With the new graduation plan they have in there, we really feel like it’s going to benefit students in making those choices.”