Homecoming festivities


Neha Madhira, Assistant Editor

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With all of the homecoming-related activities this week such as the mum delivery, football game, and dance, this is what the next couple of days should look like.

Tuesday- A Day

College teams vs Professional teams (Dress-up theme)

Mum delivery day


Wednesday- A Day

Senior: Late Arrival

PSAT testing day

The 50s vs the 80s (Dress-up theme)

Homecoming parade after school


Thursday- B Day

Disney vs. Nickelodeon (Dress-up theme)


Friday- B Day

End of 1st nine weeks

Dress-up day (Green vs. White)

Homecoming talent show

Homecoming football game at 7 pm



Homecoming dance at 8 pm


Click here to see the homecoming nominations and vote for senior king and queen who will be announced at the Homecoming football game this Friday.