Talon radio dramas slice through Halloween airwaves


The Talon Radio

The “Terrifying Talon Tales” await Halloween listeners for replay at the attached links for today, Oct. 31. “The Talon Radio” team has been airing these dramas, which were written and produced by the students in the course, all week on the school’s 24-hour station in honor of the Halloween holiday. The class is advised by Mike Hatch, aka @radiodjhatch on Twitter.

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PHS The Talon, produced and broadcasted a series of radio dramas titled “Terrifying Talon Tales.”

Students in the radio class, taught by adviser Mike Hatch, have been writing, voicing, editing, producing and broadcasting spooky stories over the air throughout the last week of October.

These stories range from true crime to haunted hotels. After more than a month in production, these finished works are available for replay here just in time for 2020 Halloween entertainment.

Terrifying Tale No. 1 – By Riley Miller

Terrifying Tale No. 2 – By Chandler Webb

Terrifying Tale No. 3 – By Justin Lee

Terrifying Tale No. 4 – By Nick Palmay

Terrifying Tale No. 5 – By Ash Strutz

Terrifying Tale No. 6 – By Paige DeLano

Terrifying Tale No. 7 – By Caden Long

Terrifying Tale No. 8 – By Noah Nelson

Terrifying Tale No. 9 – By Natalie Garms

Radio team broadcasts student voice through music, message

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