National Art Honor Society to hold Arts & Crafts Fair


Gabriella Winans

Art teacher Judy Seay works on a piece of her artwork at the end of the school day. “I love art, and it has always been a part of my life,” Seay said. “I’ve always thought it (art) was the coolest thing.”

Gabriella Winans, Reporter

With the holiday season being busy, the National Art Honor Society is giving the public a chance to purchase a great gift – for themselves, or for someone else. NAHS will be hosting their annual art event Dec. 14, the Arts & Crafts Fair, which gives the community the opportunity to buy unique artwork, including some of their own.

“The members of NAHS are required to earn volunteer service hours, so they will be on hand to help make the (Arts & Crafts Fair) event run as smooth as possible,” art teacher Gina Mock said. “During the fair, the public will have an opportunity to shop for unique items from artisans and crafters around the area.  We have some painters, ceramic artists, apothecary, hand lettering artists, and leather workers to name a few.”

While organizing the fair, NAHS artist and student Pia Trautwein had the job of advertising the fair on social media, as well as creating flyers that hang in the hallways.

“Organizing the Arts & Crafts Fair has been an amazing experience,” Trautwein said. “The most exciting thing will be to see everything come together, and having the community discover and support local artists.”

Not only will the community be able to purchase pieces of artwork from the fair, but the annual Little Elves pottery painting fundraiser is also going to be held at the fair in room 1037.

“This (Little Elves pottery painting) is an opportunity for those that have signed up to spend time painting a keepsake for a loved one or for themselves,” Mock said. 

Money raised at the fair will be put toward the members of NAHS and their artwork. Even NAHS members are anticipating what will be shown by vendors at the fair.

I am excited to see what the vendors will be selling (at the fair,)” NAHS member and student artist Carlie Bowler said. “NAHS has been working very hard to plan it.”

Anyone interested in purchasing artwork will be able to attend the Arts & Crafts Fair at Prosper High School on Dec. 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.