CBS invites broadcast to shadow talk show in NYC

Haley Stack, Reporter

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Six broadcast students, who create the Friday comedy show, will be traveling to New York City to shadow the production of The Late Show starring Stephen Colbert Dec. 12.

Students of the Mid Morning show

“Anytime we do something at Eagle Nation News,” Brian Kennedy said. “We’re always looking for opportunities to take our students to the next level.”

Kennedy wants the guys to see how to produce professional comedy.

I thought it might be kinda interesting to see if anybody else likes this,” Kennedy said. “I emailed links to our shows to several

producers and show-runners around the country.”

CBS responded to Kennedy’s email with an invitation for the students.

“The senior vice president of programming at CBS was very interested in what we had done,” Kennedy said. “He sent us an invitation and said, Hey we would love for you guys to come out cause we love what you’re doing and want to see how its done in that setting.”

Ryan Shirley, Brady Powers, Ty Bowman, Abner Murillo, and Cutter Nielson will fly out Dec. 10 to New York City then visit the studio Monday, Dec. 12.

The guys attracted the interest of singer and YouTube personality, Todrick Hall.

“When we interviewed Todrick,” Kennedy said. “Todrick said it’s one of the best interviews he’s ever sat down at.”

The feedback of the show has been positive all around.

“I feel like our feedback has been amazing in school and out of school,” Bowman said. “It’s very well accepted, people enjoy the show.”

The show started from an idea Kennedy had to bring comedy into the everyday news show.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time,” Kennedy said. “Most schools focus on scholastic broadcasting which is more of a news generated concept.”

From Kennedy’s idea Shirley, Powers, Bowman, Murillo, and Nielson will see someone they idolized in action.

“Everything we’re gonna gain from that one day may trump everything you may possibly see in college,” Kennedy said. “Its an experience like no other.”

From the buzz of the guys going to Colbert, Kennedy hopes the show can grow.

“We can start getting bigger guest,” Kennedy said. “I would love for us to start getting guest in Dallas, start getting a name for ourselves.”

After the trip and the guys see a well reviewed show formatted the same way they want to go for, Kennedy has new goals for them.

“We can be more than just our news and announcements,” Kennedy said. “We can be the model for high school broadcast.”


Photos from their visit: