Football Preview: Lake Dallas


Zach Markey, Reporter

Running back Cody Gallegos rushes to the right against Lake Dallas.
Running back Cody Gallegos rushes to the left against Lake Dallas.

On Oct. 28, the football team clinched their first 5A Region II District 14 title since the 2011 season. With a 6-0 record, the Eagles have yet to lose a district game this year, and only have one game left on Friday against Lake Dallas before state playoffs. Lake Dallas sits at a mediocre 3-2  record in district play, which means the Falcons will have nothing to play for on Friday night, except their pride.

Because of this, Prosper needs to take it easy and make sure that no key starters, like running back Kaleb Adams or wideout Everett Jefferson, become hurt. The coaches should make the wise decision to start emerging young players, like sophomore running backs Cody Gallegos and Wayne Anderson, in Friday’s game.

Both Gallegos and Anderson have totaled for 695 yards and 5 touchdowns in 9 games. While neither athlete has the flashy stats of junior running back Kaleb Adams, the two have shown that they can be the running back duo of the future for the Eagles. An increase in play time for the sophomores Friday night would be great for their development as young players.

Another young player that should be seeing an increase in play time is sophomore quarterback, Keegan Shoemaker. Shoemaker started the season at quarterback for Prosper and threw for  540 yards and 4 touchdowns. As a sophomore, Shoemaker is an extremely young player that has shown great promise at a position that is the most important on the field and brings plenty of pressure.

For Lake Dallas, two wide receivers that could cause problems are Chris Slater and Charles Williams. Slater has hauled in 657 yards on 36 receptions for the Falcons, while also finding the end zone nine times on the year. Williams similarly has 36 receptions, but has only totaled 465 yards with six touchdowns. The secondary for Prosper will have to step up as they have all season, and try their best to contain Williams and Slater.

In conclusion, the football game on Friday night will bring many cheers and celebrations as always with Texas high school football. However, this matchup is not the Eagles’ most important game they’ve played all season. It’s more of a final tune-up before they start the playoffs in just a few weeks. With that, the coaches need make sure that no players become injured, and should let the younger players play most of thee night.