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The Student Voice of Prosper High School

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The Student Voice of Prosper High School

Eagle Nation Online

The Student Voice of Prosper High School

Eagle Nation Online

Head swim coach Trey Sullivan stands with sophomore Bailee Nelson before their meet on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The team defeated Plano Senior High School. Swim will face off against Lovejoy at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at the PISD Natatorium.

Eagle Brief: Oct. 5-9

Grace Williamson, Editor-in-Chief October 5, 2020

The last Eagle update was Oct. 9 at 8:57 a.m., check back daily for more updates. Eagle Update The homecoming parade is postponed until Nov. 18 due to an increase in district COVID-19 cases. The...

In the left corner, an old black-and-white photo of an earlier building sits ready for comparison with  the current Prosper police dispatch center, now located in that same location. In the attached column, writer Rusty Joe Gonzales takes a look back at Prosper history. It was a lot of things, a small cafe, a place to pay your bills, Joe Gonzales said when explaining the original site. Its definitely been through a lot of changes through the years.

Column: Writer reflects on generational changes to town, school

Rusty Joe Gonzales, Reporter and Entertainment Beat September 19, 2020

  Prosper, where “Small town, big heart” has rung true since it was established in 1902 as just another stop on the St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas Railway. Just another small town to...

The sign outside the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards. The 77th Annual Golden Globes will take place Jan. 5, 2020. No females were nominated for best director, best screenplay, best film.

Disappointed but not surprised: No female directors nominated for best motion picture, best director, best screenplay for 77th Annual Golden Globes

Katie Johnson, Entertainment Editor December 13, 2019

  Editor's Note: Article content may be offensive to some readers. I'm dumbfounded — and so are other female filmmakers and film enthusiasts. Despite women directing 15% of  all feature...

Fridays Are For The Girls Ep. 006

Emily Reish November 22, 2019

On this episode of Fridays are for the girls, your host Emily Reish sits with Braedyn Deaver and Jessica Hamilton and talks about the start of the archery season and the Thanksgiving break.

The Stones practice their pose as a tree for Eurydice. The one-act play will be performed again Saturday March 23. The Prosper Eagle Theatre Company advanced to state last year (2018) and will compete in districts this year.

REVIEW – UIL Theatre presents One-Act Play ‘Eurydice’

Grace Williamson, Reporter March 21, 2019

The Prosper Eagle Theatre Company presented their UIL One-Act play, Eurydice, in the school auditorium, March 19. The company will perform "Eurydice" again for OAP districts at the school auditorium...

With fewer than 20 remaining in the wild, the vaquita porpoise is now the most endangered marine mammal on Earth. The vaquita became a critically endangered species as of 1995. All attempts at capturing them and breeding them in captivity failed, further endangering the rare porpoise. For more information, read the attached column, written by Nicole Miguez.

World’s smallest cetacean borders on extinction

Nicole Miguez, Columnist January 25, 2019

The world's smallest cetacean, the vaquita porpoise, is now the most endangered sea mammal in the world. With fewer than 20 of these tiny porpoises remaining in the wild, chances for their survival look...

An axolotl swims in a tank in the home of senior columnist Nicole Miguez. According to Miguez, axolotls are a unique, yet critically endangered species. In the attached column, she explores details students should consider about this creature before bringing one home as a family pet. Many axolotl owners research for more than a year before they start to buy supplies for owning axolotls, Miguez said.

Senior columnist covers
creature preservation

Nicole Miguez, Columnist October 23, 2018

Miguez suggests potential owners research axolotls prior to purchase Senior Nicole Miguez owns multiple exotic pets, specifically two different types of geckos and an axolotl. Miguez wrote the following...

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

Ethan Clark, Blogger July 5, 2018

The Dark Souls franchise is one of those game series I never intended to get into. Myself being average skill level at best, I always felt like the game would end up pushing me away from the third person...

Source: raru.co

Destiny: Complete Edition

Ethan Clark, Blogger/Journalist May 1, 2018

Despite a common consensus online that Destiny 2 is lacking content, Destiny 1 and its DLC are often seen as having moderately good and quality content; of course, three years of refinement and content...

Source: Roseburg Cinemas

A Quiet Place Review

Ethan Clark, Blogger/Journalist April 10, 2018

Noise has become so boring in movies today. The thundering “WAAAAAAAMMMPP” of a background chorus, forced and repeated “I love you's" and “Get downs." We’ve become so attached to the same old...

Source: G2a

Fallout: New Vegas DLC

Ethan Clark, Blogger/Journalist March 28, 2018

Despite having a buggy launch, Obsidian continued to push out content for New Vegas in the form of several downloadable content packs, which furthered the story, and answered questions left unanswered...

Source: defactosound.com

Fallout New Vegas: The Prodigal Son

Ethan Clark, Journalist and Blogger March 5, 2018

After the financial failure of Interplay, Feargus Urquhart left with several co-workers to form Obsidian Entertainment in 2003. Bethesda, having acquired the Fallout license, approached Obsidian with the...

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