Fallout: New Vegas DLC

Source: G2a

Source: G2a

Ethan Clark, Blogger/Journalist

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Despite having a buggy launch, Obsidian continued to push out content for New Vegas in the form of several downloadable content packs, which furthered the story, and answered questions left unanswered by the main game. All of them are as phenomenal as the base game, besides the “OK” Honest Hearts DLC. Unlike Fallout 3’s DLC however, New Vegas has an order despite each pack being different, so make sure to play them in order to get the full experience.

Dead Money

To most people, Dead Money was their least favorite for the difficulty and trap-ridden areas. It was actually my favorite for its themes of letting go of your past to make a better future. The DLC takes place in a casino surrounded by a toxic cloud of gas filled with angry gas masked mutants. Where as you would expect to fight through to the vault at the center of the DLC, you actually need the help of three new companions, which each have their own interesting backstories.

I rate the DLC a 8/10.

Honest Hearts

I disliked honest hearts for its distancing from the apocalyptic theme, and instead focusing on a more mystical tribal feel. It wasn’t bad per-say, but it wasn’t very interesting. You spend most of your time trying to escape and help a group of tribals escape war from a canyon in Zion National Park, but it goes fast, and the beauty wears off quick.

I rate the DLC a 6/10.

Old World Blues

Despite the name, Old World Blue is hilarious and clever. Playing off sci fi themes and a surprisingly deep story. Exploring the new facility is insightful into the concept of what keeps scientific ethics in check. Being assaulted by an omnipotent robotic enemy, you literally have to find and steal your brain back while using new technologies to explore the massive facility.

I rate this DLC a 10/10

Lonesome Road

I will be doing an in depth analysis of Lonesome Road in a separate article; however, I do rate it a 10/10 and think it’s the best pieces of New Vegas rolled into one.


Until then, this is the second to last Fallout article as I will not be covering Fallout 4. Until then, we’ll walk this road to the heart of Fallout.

-Ethan Clark