Column: For the love of music

Writer Erica Deutsch discusses impact of music on her life


Erica Deutsch

One of sophomore Erica Deutsch’s favorite instruments to play, the guitar, leans against her nightstand. Through this column, she reflects on the benefits and joy that music can bring. “I love getting to play and learn new tunes and techniques on my guitar,” Deutsch said. “It can be very relaxing, and gives me a sense of peace.”

Music has always been a significant part of my life. I love being creative with my knowledge of different rhythms and tunes, or even listening to a delightful soundtrack. These harmonies impact every high and low note in my everyday life.

Music offers many various benefits regarding physical and mental health. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. There are even benefits for the brain, because hearing music releases dopamine in the brain that makes you feel pleasure. When this hormone gets released, it can be effective to improve depression and anxiety symptoms. This allows your mood to become positive especially when you listen to upbeat music. Listening to something classical  or anything that helps you relax can improve your sleep quality. Catching a tune while working out can also increase your endurance and listening to an upbeat song or album can encourage you to keep going. This helps me when I’m working out or getting something done, because it gets me motivated to finish the workout or the task.

For me, music can be very therapeutic. Whenever I practice or play one of my instruments, it allows me to take my mind off of other things going on in my life. I can just focus on the piece I am practicing and learning new techniques. It even allows me to travel to a new world and get away from reality for a minute.

Playing an instrument is really special because it’s like being able to understand a whole other language. It allows me to think in a creative and innovative way. It provides an escape from just about anything.

I have found that listening to tunes on my phone or the radio can be beneficial for me as well. The song “I’m a Survivor” by “Destiny’s Child” is one of my favorites to listen to because it has an upbeat rhythm and puts me in a peppy mood. It drives me to get tasks or chores done, and it really keeps me going during a workout. Listening to any type of music can even just be fun to do in your free time or when you are not doing anything.

It is also fun to listen to tunes for whatever you are feeling, or even songs for different seasons of the year. Those songs could remind me of something that happened around that season in the past. They can even emit emotions of sentiment. Hearing various genres of music can also alter your mood. Melodies that are slow, dull and have depressing lyrics can cause someone to fit that mood. On the flip side, songs with fast tempos, higher tones and uplifting lyrics can brighten up the mood.

Music has an extraordinary way of allowing us to recall memories from the past. Sometimes I hear a song come on the radio, and I’ll remember a moment from my past where that song was playing. The song “Celebrate!” by “Kool and The Gang” reminds me of when I was younger and me and my family used to go to this town called Celebration, FL when I used to live in Orlando. It was a beautiful little town and we would get ice cream from the ice cream shop there and walk around the lake. I made a lot of good childhood memories there. The memories that these rhythms can revive can be exuberant, humorous, or even sorrowful. It miraculously lets you recollect forgotten pieces of your life while taking a walk down memory lane.

A song can revive the legacy of lost loved ones. There is a song that reminds me of a loved one I lost a couple of years ago. It can be sad sometimes, but it also reminds me of what an amazing person they were and the impact they left on many lives. The song “Married Life” by Michael Giaccino, from the Disney movie “Up,” is one that reminds me of those that I have known and lost, and the legacy they left behind.

The power of a harmonious melody or tune can provide infinite benefits and revive long-forgotten and sweet memories that leave lasting impacts throughout your life.