Writer gives last-minute tips to raise grades before break


Sofia Ayala

As the end of the semester approaches, grades continue to be finalized. This time can provide stress. According to writer Sofia Ayala, it’s important to find the time to study and prepare for final exams. Her attached column provides ideas to do just that.

Sofia Ayala, Feature editor

As the end of the semester approaches, grades continue to be finalized, which can be a stressful thing to think about. A goal for many students is to end the semester with good grades, a high GPA and a high class rank. Sometimes tests don’t go well, or last-minute quizzes bring your grade a couple of points down, changing it from an A+ to an A-. Considering those issues, here are few tips and tricks that might help you bring your grade up.

Study in a public place

A fun way to study for exams is to go out to a public setting. Good places that can be enjoyable to study at include coffee shops, libraries and public parks. Studying outside of your home may give you motivation to study and complete assignments. It’s been proven that working in a public setting can improve a person’s focus and productivity.

Extra Credit

If your teacher provides extra credit opportunities – these are great options to raise your grade average by a couple of points. Reaching out to your teachers, and asking if they offer extra credit is a great opportunity for a last-minute grade boost.

Studying with friends

Studying with friends can give you more motivation when preparing for exams. Sharing your ideas and knowledge with each other can improve your understanding of the subject, and increase your engagement when studying. Another positive thing about studying with friends is that a person is proven to have more learning retention when studying with other people, due to the fact that they are engaging and helping each other out during these study sessions.

Mental Health Day

Giving your mind and body an essential break will contribute to your capacity to complete good-quality assignments and put in good-quality study time. Staying at home, or taking a day off will prevent burnout before taking tests or completing projects.  Taking a day off to focus on yourself will reduce stress, and improve your mood.