Review: ‘The Unhoneymooners’ fascinates readers with vacation romance


‘Unhoneymooners’ by Christina Lauren shows the tension between two enemies. Although this book cannot be found at “The Nest,” you can find it at your favorite local book store. “I didn’t think I would like this book as much as I did,” senior and writer Maya Contreras said. “I wish I could have read more.”

Maya Contreras

Book Summary:

Known for tagging herself as the unlucky win, Olive Torres can never seem to win. Her luck with losing her job and other mishaps have led her to believe she will never find love or happiness again.

On the other hand, Ami Torres, Olive’s twin sister, is known for her luck in winning competitions, raffels, and sweepstakes. Through coupons and raffles, Ami even accomplished financing her whole wedding. As the maid of honor, Olive is pained to deal with the best man, Ethan Tomas, the two of whom have been nemesis since day one.

Unfortunately, the wedding of Ami Torres comes at a price when the entire list of guests comes down with food poisoning, except for Olive and Ethan Thomas. Unable to make their honeymoon, Ami gives Olive and Ethan their nonrefundable vacation in Maui. As much as it pains Olive to have to spend an entire week with Ethan, she will not let his sarcasm and wit get in the way of her dream vacation.

Calling a truce, the two are courageous enough to pretend to be married for 10 days. But, as time progresses, the two don’t seem to mind each other’s company and complete a variety of couples activities.

The romantic effects of Maui seems to start having an effect on Olive and Ethan as their stay comes to an end. But, does love in Maui stay in Maui, or are these two destined for each other?


This book may have been one of the best comedic books I have ever read. Writing comedy and being able to translate wit and sarcasm onto a page can be a difficult task. Christina Lauren accomplishes this with her relatable and satirical characters.

My favorite aspect of this book was the added bonus of the two-year-later chapter, which the author completed in Ethan’s perspective. So many books today have been written in a dual perspective, and this one was only from the perspective of Olive until this last chapter. Having only Olive’s perspective gave the readers better insight on her insecurities – and why she has found herself unlucky.

Furthermore, not only are the readers able to follow along the life of Olive and Ethan, but we are also given an inside to Ami and Dane’s life, Ethan’s younger brother. While Olive and Ethans story is a lighthearted adventure, we see Ami and Danes’ story grow tense and take a turn in their first few weeks as a married couple.

Another great aspect of this book is the culture and family of Olive and Ami Torres. This book did a great job translating all the characteristics of having a hispanic family that I wish I could have seen and read more.

In conclusion, this book was an easy and great read that left me laughing and wanting more. In the end, it was Olive’s chance – and family – that made her one of the luckiest women alive.