Column: Capturing beautiful moments in Life

Writer focuses on photography’s impact on relationships, nature


Erica Deutsch

As she looks out from the mountains to the crashing waves of the West Coast in Big Sur, California, sophomore reporter Erica Deutsch shares a photo of one her favorite views from her California vacation. “This was such a surreal sight with the rocks and the the waves crashing against them, and the incredible view of the mountains in the background,” Deutsch said, “Moments like these make me appreciate how wonderful and calming nature can be.”

As I’ve grown up, I have been surrounded by a family that loves to take pictures. Ever since I was little, my parents would always have a camera out to film me and my little brother’s milestones. Those were profoundly epic moments in our life.

As she poses for a photo with her brother, sophomore Erica Deutsch smiles and stands in front of Barney’s Brunch House in The Colony, Texas, “This was a really good place to eat brunch out with my family,” Deutsch said, “We don’t usually go out for brunch and this was a nice place to eat with the people I love”. (Erica Deutsch)

These moments, big and small, will always hold a special place in my heart. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that moments like these are more than a picture or video could ever fully capture.

Just like my family, I love taking photos, whether it be of a beautiful and surreal place, or just of the times spent together with my friends and family. Getting to look back at old photos, and seeing how much me and my brother have grown over the years makes me happy.

I treasure the photos of me and my friends acting silly, or the ones of me and my family retaking so many pictures to get the perfect one. I feel so grateful for these moments that I get to spend with the ones I love the most. Remembering special moments with the people that I love and the good memories that have been created by them mean so much more than just seeing them in a picture.

Sitting on the beach in Hollywood, Florida, sophomore Erica Deutsch, catches a photo of the night sky as the sun starts to set, “This was a really beautiful night,” Deutsch said, “I got to spend the day with my relatives and enjoyed a night at the beach with the glowing city lights”. (Erica Deutsch)

Nature is such a surreal and beautiful sight. I am often quick to pull out my phone to try and get an amazing shot of a view or scenery. I have realized though, that these beautiful aspects of nature should not just be enjoyed by looking at them through a picture, but by being there in the moment, stepping back, and fully taking in these precious sights. I feel so very blessed to be able to experience, and be present in the beautiful aspects of nature whether it be a sunset over the ocean or a breathtaking view over the mountains. Taking in these wonderous surroundings just by simply seeing them allows me to appreciate the many wonders of nature in all its uniqueness.

As she gazes at the glistening water, sophomore Erica Deutsch sits on a log by a lake in Fredericksburg, Texas. “This lake was very beautiful and was a nice place to relax and spend time with family,” Deutsch said. “This was such a peaceful and enjoyable experience.” (Erica Deutsch)

Pictures can have a way of telling amazing stories and reviving valuable memories and moments in our lives. However, I have learned to appreciate the moments in life that are so impactful, and memorable that in order to remember them, they don’t even need to be captured in a photo because of how meaningful and indescribable they are.

Memories like these, spent with family, best friends, and even ones with incredible views are some that will have a lasting impact in my life, and will mean more to me than I can explain because of the people I get to share them with. Sometimes, I notice it’s easy to take such memorable moments for granted, but then I remember that God has blessed me immensely to be able to experience wonderful things like this. I am beyond thankful for these experiences, and the memories I have created with the most important people in my life. I hope that from now on, and into the future I will continue to make many more.

These moments are worth more than any camera could capture.