Column on the Dallas Cowboys 2022-23 Season

With a Canva graphic, article title Dallas Cowboys 2022-23 Season Preview is presented. This article breaks down how the upcoming Dallas Cowboys season may play out.

Isabel Multer

With a Canva graphic, article title “Dallas Cowboys 2022-23 Season Preview” is presented. This article breaks down how the upcoming Dallas Cowboys season may play out.

Isabel Multer, Reporter

Every season, Dallas Cowboys fans nationwide carry the reputation of repeating the same four words, “This is our year.” As the team endures a now 27-year Super Bowl drought, it seems the fanatics of America’s team may need to be more realistic. 

Let’s kick off…

Let’s kick off by looking at the Cowboys’ offensive unit. Quarterback, Dak Prescott, entered last season solid coming off as the runner-up for Comeback Player of the Year. After a noteworthy six-week start to the 2021 season, and a displeasing finish leading to a Wild Card Round exit, Prescott strives to prove himself as a valuable QB. However, an evolving offensive front for the team may bring challenges for Prescott. The loss of four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, Amari Cooper, to the Cleveland Browns was difficult. This move should now lead to the receiver, CeeDee Lamb, becoming Prescott’s main target as he is quite the versatile and athletic athlete. 

A healthy Michael Gallup – playing as a wide receiver and tight end – Dalton Shultz, both apply essential talent in the offense. As for the rushing section of the offense, two-time All-Pro selection running back, Ezekiel Elliot, may be holding a role a notch under what he normally does; as his more exceptional and prime years are behind him. This conjecture would lead to more eyes on Tony Pollard, another productive player who will be constructive towards the Cowboys’ rushing game. An additional player who deserves recognition includes wide receiver – KaVontae Turpin, whose unbelievable kick return and punt return both were essential in the team’s win in their last pre-season game. His successful plays were showcased in multiple games in the USFL, including his pre-season game against the Los Angeles Chargers which excites fans to possibly see his capabilities in the regular season.

A quick glance at the offensive line presents notable players such as Zack Martin and Tyron Smith, but, in total, I would say the assembly looks decent at best.

Although the offense has been described as an optimistic approach, it is reasonable to come to terms with the fact that this unit has fallen back as a whole, and its future is imaginable as a fixer-upper for the 2022-2023 season. Similar to every other team, the Cowboys’ pre-season and practices will be essential to sharpening necessary skills for the upcoming season.

A Favorable Defense

Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys defense is looking bright with fundamental players such as Micah Parsons, Sam Williams, and Trevon Diggs who led the NFL in last year’s interceptions, totaling 11. In the 2021 season, Dallas’s defense ranked a solid eighth in points allowed per game. In addition, an outstanding defensive coordinator and forefront of the squad, Dan Quinn, is also due for some acknowledgment. Overall, the structure of the defense and depth throughout the lineup is genuinely promising. 

The Wrap Up

Now for a wrap-up on this season’s breakdown. Last season Dallas lead the league in points per game and ranked second in yards per game. The team’s statistics are impressive, but whether this can be repeated is yet to be answered. I do not see the Cowboys making it past the divisional round of the 2023 playoffs at the furthest, but nonetheless, the NFL loves to throw surprises around the league year after year. Based on the offense that encompasses some question marks between the lines, and a reassuring defensive side of the ball, the Dallas Cowboys should achieve a winning record and defend their NFC East title.