Over the Popcorn Bowl – Season 1 – Episode 10 – The Bash Episode

4 seniors discuss least favorite movies, shows


A digitally constructed image shows the Over the Popcorn Bowl hosts recording, along with movie and TV show posters. In this episode, the hosts discussed their least favorite movies and TV shows. Seniors Gabriella Winans, Christi Norris, Alyssa Clark and Amanda Hare host the podcast. (Photo by Caleb Audia, digitally constructed image by Amanda Hare)

In episode 10 of the Over the Popcorn Bowl podcast, seniors Christi Norris, Alyssa Clark, Gabriella Winans and Amanda Hare discuss their least favorite movies and TV shows. They discussed the “Riverdale” TV series, “The Kissing Booth,” “Something Borrowed” and more.

Topics Covered:

“Something Borrowed”