News Brief: Nurse sends out COVID-19 reminder after North Texas school closures


Christi Norris

With school closures happening in the North Texas area, nurse Shanelle Stewart sent an email to staff. The email included a reminder about COVID-19 protocols, along with a form that students and staff can fill out. As of now, a total of 41 school districts in the North Texas region are expected to remain closed past the holiday, hoping to limit the severity of COVID-19 exposures, according to NBCDFW.

Caleb Audia

After schools in the area closed down due to COVID-19 from the holiday season, campus nurse Shanelle Stewart reminded staff members of the district protocols in an email sent out at 9:40 a.m. Friday, Jan. 14.

Students and staff are expected to review the district-made questionnaire prior to arriving at school each day. If more than two symptoms are apparent, then the individuals are not allowed to return to in-person learning. A school nurse will then contact the student or the staff member regarding COVID-19 testing, and the steps necessary to take before returning back to school.

“I wanted to help clear up any confusion or questions with COVID reporting or those not feeling well on the district protocols,” Stewart said. “Please encourage students and staff to complete the COVID Screening Questionnaire. This Google Doc goes directly to me and our health services administration. We need all staff and students using this screener for illness or positive COVID tests.”

Students and staff can find the issued COVID-19 questionnaire here: COVID-19 Questionnaire

“PISD is still following Texas DSHS requirement for 10 days isolation for positive student cases,” Stewart said. “Based on updated TEA and CDC guidelines, staff may return to in-person activities after five days if fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving.”

Schools in the North Texas area have announced extended closures after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. These schools include Northwest ISD and Mansfield ISD, both of which have closed due to an increase in COVID-19 outbreaks. According to NBCDFW, a total of 41 school districts will remain closed until at least Wednesday, Jan. 19, with staffing shortages contributing to the closings as well.

As of Friday, Jan. 14, students and staff are expected to return to Prosper schools on Tuesday, Jan. 18, following the holiday, as originally scheduled.

This story is currently under more development. Updates could come and will be noted if they do.