Radio students spook listeners
with 2nd edition of ‘Terrifying Talon Tales’

Click the slideshow above to view photos of The Talon radio students working on the “Terrifying Talon Tales.” Continue reading below for more information on the team and the audio of the “Terrifying Talon Tales.”

Following their work from last year, The Talon radio team released Terrifying Talon Tales, Part 2 Monday through Friday, Oct. 25-29.

Terrifying Talon Tales is a collection of “spooky” tales written, recorded and edited by students. The team aired one or two episodes per day during Eagle Time.

“There’s always a sequel,” The Talon adviser Michael Hatch said in an email to staff. “In the spirit of old-time classic radio dramas, PHS The Talon will be bringing back Terrifying Talon Tales, Part 2 all this week.”

Last year, the team aired part one, which featured nine episodes. Senior Chandler Webb’s episode in part one helped the station win its first platinum MarCom award.

“I get to create something just out of my own hands, and all of the sounds that we make we make them ourselves,” junior Ash Strutz said. “So we have to venture out and figure out what sound what things will make the sound that we want for our piece. And it’s really cool that we get to go out and just make everything that goes into our stories.”

The Talon radio also plays music in the hallways during passing period.

“What we are doing right now, is I pick new songs to put into the station that I really like, and also that I know other people will really like,” Webb said. “So right now, we are just categorizing it. We just got done doing our Terrifying Talon Tales where, we started on it last year, and, basically, we just tell really spooky stories for Halloween.”

Junior Tate Lauby works on The Talon and recorded an episode for this year’s Terrifying Talon Tales.

“One thing I love about PHS The Talon, is I really love expressing myself through music,” Lauby said. “I love being able to communicate music to others on a platform that allows me to do so.”

Terrifying Talon Tales Part 2 features five episodes.

“What I love about the Talon is the opportunity that this class presents,” junior Kylie Green. “It’s an incredible opportunity that a lot of schools don’t have and it puts you in an industry that not too many people get to dabble in in their high school career. So I think it’s definitely getting us ready for the future.”

Chandler Webb

Tate Lauby

Natalie Garms

Nicholas Palmay

Emily Diaz

Ash Strutz