Student council officer candidates prepare for election

Virtual voting begins Wednesday, April 28


Neena Sidhu

Creating advertisement for the upcoming student council elections, sophomore Gianna Galante draws on a poster board. Galante is running for junior class president. Voting will be held Wednesday, April 28.

Alyssa Clark, Social Media Director

Students will vote for their class officers for the 2021-2022 school year Wednesday, April 28. Voting is available electronically through the Voting for Schools site. Students can only vote for representatives of their same grade. Any student can run for student council as long as they don’t have a discipline record. In order to run, students had to turn in an application with two teacher references. Every officer campaigning also had to submit a video, and they’re all listed here. The ENO staff contacted every officer running, but did not receive replies from all. More information is available below from all who responded

2024 Class Officers


Ashley Abrahams

Parker Reynolds

Laird Hanson


Vice President

Landry Long



Savannah Yager



Tyler Mercer


2023 Class Officers


Neena Sidhu is running for junior class president.  Sidhu is running with Gianna Galante as vice president, Mithra Cama as treasurer and Taylor Davis as secretary. “I want to create more volunteer opportunities and implement more school activities that every student can be involved in,” Sidhu said. “I would love the opportunity to be a leader and make our junior year the best.” (Photo Courtesy of Neena Sidhu)


Zoey Lee is running for junior class president.  “Throughout my time as the sophomore president, I got a lot of input from my classmates on ways to make them feel more comfortable in this school,” Lee said. “Essentially, I would make the necessary changes so everyone feels accepted. That’s my campaign mates and I’s main goal. On regards to the whole idea, I also plan to represent the national honors societies of Prosper High School in the meetings with the executive officers and the whole student council. I would also feel a lot of responsibility for funding upcoming UIL teams and sports like a new history UIL team and a boys volleyball team. I’ll continue to rep our amazing spring sports athletes just like I did my sophomore year with a Spring Meet the Eagles and pep rally.” (Photo Courtesy of Zoey Lee)


Diane Shaw is running for junior class president.  Shaw is running with Riley Perumal as vice president. “As president, I am hoping to pack our event calendar,” Shaw said. “COVID opened everyone’s eyes to how important connecting the student body is, and since next year looks like it should be normal – or at least somewhat normal – I’m going to create as many opportunities for student connections as possible. This includes making the pep rallies more entertaining and engaging, getting the student body involved in supporting our athletic teams, and planning a Sadie Hawkins dance for juniors and seniors. I want to make sure that every student at Prosper High is filled with school spirit.” (Photo Courtesy of Diane Shaw)


Vice President

Gianna Galante is running for junior class vice president.  Galante is running with Neena Sidhu as president, Mithra Cama as treasurer and Taylor Davis as secretary. “My running mates and I want more student life and community here as the high school,” Galante said. “Prosper has fallen short of that unfortunately with cliques and other things, and with this being said, I’d like to see more fundraisers and types of things like where our class builds each other up and helps each other accomplish things. I’d also like to see more fundraisers and events in general, not just for the junior class. If we’re elected, we want to have more events bringing our school together. I also love the idea of adding feminine hygiene products into each bathroom, and I feel like that’d be a great thing to invest in. Another idea I had was to have bathroom newsletters posted in it, with encouraging quotes and information going on in terms of sports and academics. That’s all my ideas so far, and me and my team would love your vote.” (Photo Courtesy of Gianna Galante)


Reagan Sipill is running for junior class president.  “I am fully committed to making sure everyone’s voice is heard; every sport, activity, club and honor society get the recognition they need and deserve. I did my best to help everyone feel more confident throughout this unusual school year,” Sipill said. “With insight from my fellow classmates, I will continue, even with or without the role of Vice President, to make adjustments so not only my classmates but everyone can feel welcome and accepted here at Prosper High School. I want to remain a voice to the administration, for the students. The class of 2023 is extraordinary and I am glad to have had the opportunity to represent them as their Vice President for sophomore year and hope to continue as their Vice President in this upcoming junior year.” (Photo Courtesy of Reagan Sipill)

Riley Perumal is running for junior vice president. Class elections will be on April 28. “As an officer I would like to not only help plan more school wide events and gatherings, but also help new students feel more welcome,” Perumal said. “One way I would do this is by having a table in the cafeteria where hope squad members might sit. When new students or students with nobody to sit with go to lunch, they will be able to sit at this table and make friends/be able to talk to hope squad members and/or other new students. I would also like to set up some kind of freshman orientation for before the first day of school. I think this is very important to help incoming students learn how to navigate the school system. As an incoming junior, I think it is important to help our freshman because I can help them have a better freshman year then I had. It would be wrong of me to let our freshman struggle when I know a way to help them. After all, we are Prosper, we are one!“ (Photo Courtesy of Riley Perumal)


Amber Stogsdill is running for junior class secretary.  “I plan to keep my team on task and motivated,” Stogsdill said. “I want to be as helpful as possible to Prosper High School by contributing my ideas to make the school we love comfortable and accepting for everyone. Anything my school needs, if it’s in my power to grant it to them, consider it done. While doing so I also plan to represent our Mighty Eagle Band in student council meetings and events. That’s my goal.” (Photo Courtesy of Amber Stogsdill)


Taylor Davis is running for junior class secretary.  “If I become secretary, one of the biggest things that I want to work towards is increasing school spirit,” Davis said. “I feel like the decline in pep rallies this year and the decreased participation in games because of the pandemic have really had an impact on our school spirit as a whole. Therefore, I think it’s important we look for other safe unique ways to increase it. For example, maybe we could start making Fridays ‘spirit days,’ so every Friday, we could all dress up in school colors or anything that reflects our school. Also, I think we need more contests at our school. For example, door-decorating contests, t-shirt decorating contests, etc since these fun games really get everyone involved, including both teachers and students, and just make school more enjoyable overall. Also, I want to promote a more positive and welcoming environment here at Prosper, especially for the new kids. I saw that we just got a welcoming committee for new kids to Prosper this year, and I love that! I think we need to do more stuff like that to make it seem like Prosper is a place that they want to stay.“ (Photo Courtesy of Taylor Davis)



Mithra Cama is running for junior class treasurer. Cama is running with Neena Sidhu as president, Gianna Galante as vice president and Taylor Davis as secretary. “As class treasurer, my job would be to deal more with the numbers and logistical side of things and for that, I would like to have more fundraising opportunities so that we are able to have more school activities including pep rallies,” Cama said. “I think more activities like this allow positive student body interaction, which we have largely fallen short in due to COVID. As a group, my running mates and I are pushing for a more active student life and community, putting feminine hygiene products in ladies bathrooms if possible, and an overall more positive environment for everyone.” (Photo Courtesy of Mithra Cama)


Keira Kleposki is running for junior class treasurer.  “As treasurer, I will make sure the student voices are heard by getting weekly inputs and recommendations on ways we can make a more positive school environment,” Kleposki said. “We will collaborate with school organizations such as HOSA to raise awareness for and run events representing diseases that affect our community and beyond. Finally, I will make sure that student council participates in raising school spirit by planning fun and interactive pep rallies or other school events.” (Photo Courtesy of Keira Kleposki)


2022 Class Officers


Grace Hale is running for senior class president. “I truly love representing the senior class and have always made it one of my top priorities,” Hale said. “My main goal is to bring more school involvement, and create a healthy school culture. I have a list of senior activities I would like to implement, such as: a senior breakfast, senior bonfire, spirit overalls, senior wall of acceptance, more off-campus senior lunches, and a balloon/goal send off.” (Photo Courtesy of Grace Hale)


Vice President

Isabel Lujan is running for senior class Vice President. “I plan to implement a more welcoming environment, more senior privileges, fun class bonding activities, raise students’ self-confidence, school spirit, and more fundraiser and volunteer opportunities,” Lujan said. “I am currently the junior class Vice President. I would love to make our senior year the best possible.” (Photo Courtesy of Isabel Lujan)


Merritt Bauss is running for senior class Vice President.  “I feel there needs to be better representation and inclusivity of the student body in the choices made in student council,” Bauss said. “As Vice President, I hope to be able to propose ideas that give all students at Prosper High the opportunity to share their voice, opinions, and own ideas. I want to establish these opportunities in order to see the wants and needs of the student body met and addressed with the input of the student body met and addressed. With the input of the student body, I hope the Prosper High School becomes a more fun and welcoming environment.” (Photo Courtesy of Merritt Bauss)


Samantha Guastella



Sabrina Giachini is running for senior class secretary.  “I will communicate with other officers about how we can make pep rallies fun and different each time,” Giachini said. “I will help make posters and fun decorations for homecoming week, Relay for Life, and more.” (Photo Courtesy of Sabrina Giachini)


Riley Smith




Samantha Wlodawsky