Column: Senior looks both forward, back for Eagles of 2020


John Burdett

The class of 2020 poses together for a picture after Senior Sunrise on August 16, 2019. Governor Abbott announced today, April 17, schools will remain closed through the end of the school year. Senior editor-in-chief Ana Arredondo reflects on the news in the attached column. “The people of Prosper High School engraved a mark on me,” Arredondo said.” “And, I’d like to think I left a small one on them.”


Dear seniors,

It’s been five hours since our senior year ended. I don’t know about you, but my emotions are all over the place right now. I’m speechless. I’m heartbroken. I’m excited. I’m sad. Yet, I’m emotionless. This was supposed to be our year. Maybe we all had a feeling at the bottom of our hearts since Dr. (Drew) Watkins announced extended spring break that gloomy Thursday night, but nonetheless it still hurts to see our time at Prosper High end so quickly.

Ana Arredondo
Seniors Braden Hickey (left) and Caden Scherer (right) cheer after a touchdown in the second quarter.

If you think about it, we got to enjoy a first semester filled with Fridays under the lights. We cheered and screamed when we beat McKinney Boyd on homecoming night. The same night we watched our executive president crown Victoria Carpenter and Panashe Ruswayi for royalty. We grabbed onto each other on the first row of Section 506 as Alyssa Gonzales, Collin McDonald, Fifi Nwaoba, Sam Covert and cheerleaders yelled “Spirit in our cup.” We packed the stands at The Star and teared up when our boys lost the fourth round. We got dressed up according to the themes and watched our basketball teams put up great fights and victories in December. 

Kelly Lynch
Victoria Carpenter and Panashe Rusawayi pose together after being crowned homecoming royalty.

We sat in the arena for every Pep Rally. We sang our fight song proudly. We dressed up for spirit weeks and snapped a few selfies with our friends. We woke up at 6 a.m. for “Senior Sunrise” and sat on the football field with each other as we watched the pretty colors of the sky. We raced, not literally, to the Gates of Prosper on those few Fridays we had the privilege to leave campus for lunch. Our first semester was filled with memories we’ll carry with us forever, but we hoped the second one would be just as good. 

Mrs. (Amy) Viars and Señor (Francisco) Salas were supposed to be running around like crazy tonight at Relay for Life. Mrs. (Lyndsey) Hamlin was supposed to read “Oh, All the Places You’ll Go” to our yearbook seniors, while we hug and cry with each other around the editor’s table. Our eight seniors in the newsroom were supposed to get inducted into Quill & Scroll and say our last goodbyes to the staff and Mrs. (Lisa) Roskens. Our PCIS showcase was supposed to go smoothly, and we would “spill all the tea” about prom with Mrs. (Tiffany) Ballard the next day. We were supposed to go into Dr. (Lisa) Jackson’s class and give her one last hug. 

Christi Norris
Seniors Trett Johnson, Katie Kieffer and Kaelyn Bannister hold up encouragement signs at a school send-off.

What we all would give for one more day to walk the crowded hallways, go to the Eagle Shack, give Dr. (John) Burdett a high five, visit our favorite teachers, and walk one last time through the place we spent so much time in these last four years. 

To the soccer, baseball, softball teams, I’m sorry that we couldn’t pack the stands for you guys. I’m sorry we didn’t get to cheer on all those PR’s that our track team was going to break. I’m sorry you don’t get your senior night after all. Our Snapchat memories were supposed to be filled with pictures and videos of us at prom. We were supposed to race our best friends at Adventure Landing, and watch our parents embarrass themselves at our last Pep Rally. Our Instagram feeds were going to have pictures of us at everyone’s graduation parties.

We were supposed to walk the stage in May. 

Although we all may be a little lost right now, we’re going through it together. We are so fortunate to be a part of this school district because, among all, we have a superintendent and a principal who will fight for that to happen. So, it doesn’t matter what we were supposed to do in our last few weeks. Yes, let’s mourn together, but let’s also reflect on all the memories we made. Let’s be thankful for that great math teacher that finally broke through when we were struggling or the English teacher who sat with you last year and proofread your college essays. Let’s be thankful for everything this staff has done for us. 

My time in high school has greatly impacted me. I can gladly and proudly say that if and when I walk across the stage, I will be thankful for the experiences that have shaped me into who I am.

I have realized my potential during these four years. I have learned lessons that have shaped me into a better person. I have persevered through hard times, stressful tests, deadlines and especially when things were not going as planned for Student Council. But all those things have impacted me greatly. I walk the school hallways with so much love and respect for the teachers and staff who put in the extra time to support us as students. I learned to appreciate everything in a new light. The people of Prosper High School engraved a mark on me, and I’d like to think I left a small one on them. I am blessed to say I have bled green these past few years. For those that come after me, I just pray and hope that they are greatly impacted in the way a lot of us seniors were by this community. 

We’re all going our separate ways soon, but we’ll carry a piece of this experience with us.


A high school senior.