The Library Introduces a New System to Monitor Students


Peyton Jefferson

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Library has introduced a new system to monitor students coming in and out of the facility. Now, students are required to check in and out of the library through a computer positioned at the entrance.

“We just have to require students to check in,” Mrs. Weber, the head librarian, said. “We have a list of who’s in here at any point in time.”

This new system is required to keep track of all of the students in the library. After the bomb threat last semester, the library decided to implement a new monitoring system.

“Because of the bomb threat we didn’t have an attendance sheet,” Mrs. Weber said. “So we had to write down the names of people they were looking for. This is just a much faster and more efficient way of doing it.”

There are two different ways for teachers to access who is in the library.

“They have a link that I have sent them and there is a password,” Mrs. Weber said.” Also, there is a link on the library page.”