Announcement needs clarification to avoid
dress-code enforcement confusion


A student, wearing out-of-dress-code jeans, holds a copy of the student handbook in front of the in-school-suspension (ISS) classroom. The student handbook was used as reference in wake of today's dress code announcement. "Any student out of dress code will have to either change into 'Prosper Greens,' go to ISS, or will receive out-of-school suspension," Principal John Burdett said. "The discipline will be in alignment with our Student Code of Conduct/Student Handbook."

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Today’s Eagle Time announcement made by principal Dr. John M. Burdett left students and staff members confused by the renewed enforcement.

When an announcement is made by an administrator, it needs to be clearly spoken and immediately followed by an email sent to parents as well as staff. A timely, written confirmation of the information prevents the spread of confusion.

Currently, the student handbook is the only written form of dress code policy provided, and it is unclear with missing facts such as if infractions carry over school years.”

— Haley Stack, editorial writer

The announcement informed students they are no longer allowed to wear hoodies, and if they break dress code in any way, they will immediately be sent to ISS (in-school suspension) or OSS (out-of-school suspension).

There was immediately an uproar of confusion. Two teachers made calls to administrative assistant Theresa office attendants such as Theresa Mueller for clarification for those concerned about the hoodies currently adoring their bodies. They were informed of their misinterpretation and were told students were allowed to wear hoodies as long as they did not put the hood atop their heads.

Students and staff should not have to go seek out their administration to have clarification of the message they were just told from their principal. They should be provided with a clear written statement which provides a strict policy of punishment and rules for students to follow so there could be no miscommunications. Currently, the student handbook is the only written form of dress code policy provided, and it is unclear with missing facts such as if infractions carry over school years.

Administrators have a responsibility to keep their staff and students well-informed in order to prevent a commotion. The need to have debates about whether or not meaning changing words like “or” were used in a sentence or not is completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

This is how rumors start. Communication is better than misinformation.

Things were only cleared up for the ENO staff when a reporter took the initiative to go and ask Burdett for clarification. Students will not be immediately sent to ISS or OSS for violating the dress code but only up until their 5th offense, which is in accordance with the student handbook.

Miscommunications can be the biggest downfall of any group, and if administration truly is “for kids,” they should care more about getting the truth across.