The show must go on: Talonettes reflect on a successful competition, prepare for the next


Cali Hoffman

The Talonette dance team competes in the American Dance and Drill competition. They were awarded Platinum Best Overall for their team dances. “I like being there all day and having a lot of fun with all my friends,” freshman Talonette Anna Reyes said.

The Talonette dance team had their first competition last weekend, and they will compete again Saturday, Feb. 23. This competition will be held all day at Liberty High School in Frisco.

“I like supporting my teammates and seeing everyone do the best that they can do,”sophomore Talonette Reagan Newton said.

To prepare for the past competition, American Dance and Drill, the team had an extra Saturday practice in addition to their usual routine.

“We have 7 a.m. practice every morning, and we practice our dances over and over until perfection,” Newton said.

At the American Dance and Drill contest, the team members said their extra practice and effort paid off, and they have the awards to prove it.

“We got Platinum Best Overall for our team dances, and then we got Champions in officers and team in our category, which means we got first place in our category for the officer and team dances,” Newton said. “And for our open number, we got Judges Award and Top Score.”

In addition, team members said they not only proved their dancing talent through awards, but they also proved their kindness and support toward others that share their passion for dance.

“As a team, we got Sportsmanship Award, which basically means that we were cheering for other teams,” sophomore Talonette Mackenzie Albrecht said.

The girls said they enjoy spending time at the competitions and making new memories with each other.

“I like being there all day and having a lot of fun with all my friends,” freshman Talonette Anna Reyes said.

Looking forward to this upcoming competition, the Talonettes said they are hopeful and optimistic for another great weekend with another great turnout.

“I’m excited about doing my solo again and having fun with all of my friends,” Newton said.

“Retweet. I’m excited about competing again and seeing how well we can do at the next competition,” Reyes said.

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