Review – The 2019 Musical Theatre Cabaret


Maddie Moats

Allison Washburn performs “God Help the Outcast” from “Hunchback.” The Prosper High School Eagle Theatre Company presented The 2019 Musical Theatre Cabaret on Feb. 8. The show was held in the PHS Blackbox, and tickets were sold out.

Writer gives rundown of black-box-packed production

The Prosper High School Eagle Theatre Company presented “The 2019 Musical Theatre Cabaret” Friday, Feb. 8, to honor this year’s graduating theatre seniors. It was held in the PHS Blackbox with all seats filled by an eager audience. In case you missed these talented performers in action, here is the rundown of the show.

Opening with “Once and For All” from Newsies, the company grabbed the audience’s attention in the bold and confident group number. The company interacted with each other, built the sense of camaraderie at the heart of the performance, interacted and engaged the audience.

Next, Allison Washburn sang “God Help the Outcasts” from Hunchback, an emotional number that resonates with anyone that has ever felt like an outcast.

“Marry the Man Today,” performed by Nikki Hansen and Evan Warren provided a fun and unique contrast to the previous numbers. Combining dance, song, acting and humor, this performance provided entertainment with comedy.

Quinton Williams performed “History has its Eyes on You” from Hamilton next, an inspiring rap ballad of sorts, that left the audience in awe. Williams portrayed his hopes and dreams, and reminded the audience of their own ambitions, too.

The ladies of the company performed “Forget About the Boy” from Millie, a feisty performance with choreography to match. This number had some serious girl-power throughout.

“Mamma, I’m a Big Girl Now” from Hairspray performed by Ashlyn Stokes, Sarah Wyatt and Caitlyn Marquez hosted another performance with strong girl-power, not to mention humorous moments. The singing and dancing in this number made it a memorable one for the audience.

“I Hate Men” from Kiss Me Kate, performed by Karthi Srikanth, was a humorous number, driven by a frustration many women can relate to, men. The bold bluntness of this performance earned the laughter of the entire theater.

Nikki Hansen captivated the audience with her whimsical performance of “In My Dreams” from Anastasia, and much like Williams’ performance of “History Has Its Eyes on You,” the proclamation of her dreams was inspiring.

“Screw Loose” from Cry Baby performed by Ashlyn Stokes offered a hilarious fan favorite from the show. Exceptional singing combined with outrageous humor made it extremely memorable.

“Bring on the Men” from Jekyll & Hyde, performed by Tori England, was sung beautifully, and the performance was entertaining and high in energy.

“You Will be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen, performed by the company, provided an emotional ballad about coming together to support people feeling alone. It was a touching reminder to always let people know you love them.

Coming back from intermission, the theatre company’s national qualifiers to International Thespians performed “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. With such a powerful song in addition to choreography of the same caliber, this group offered the standout performance of the night.

“Gimme Gimme” from Millie, performed by Olivia Lewis, began as a coy song of longing for love, but intensified to become a high-energy call for romance, and it was entertaining, well-executed, and for many, pretty relatable.

“I Could have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady performed by Sarah Wyatt gave a light and dreamy reference to Julie Andrews, which was a pleasant surprise.

“You Gotta Die Sometime” from Falsettos, performed by Evan Warren, gave more of a cynical and dark inclusion, but provided a necessary contrast to many of the idealistic songs included in the show. The performance of this song, although dark, was entertaining to watch.

“Anything You Can Do” from Annie Get Your Gun, performed by Will and Olivia Lewis, offered a hilarious rendition of the classic song, and the theatre filled with laughter as the two dramatically battled it out to be better than the other.

“Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde, performed by Caitlyn Marquez, was an emotional and beautifully sung number that provided a real and heartbreaking contrast.

“Room Where it Happens” from Hamilton, performed by the guys of the theatre company, provided a powerful number with synchronized choreography, bringing something new to the table.

“All for the Best” from Godspell, performed by Caitlyn Marquez and Allison Washburn, gave a playful performance with a silly and fun song that included what must have been some of the fastest singing Prosper has seen. Then “Watch What Happens” from Newsies, performed by Sarah Hazlett, and “Here I Am” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, performed by Jordan Harris,  lifted the spirits and brought joy to the theatre.

The seniors came together in cap and gown to perform “When I Grow Up” from Matilda, which was a moving way to send them on their way to life after high school. To end the show, the entire company performed “Seasons of Love” from Rent, sharing love with the audience and each other. After these last two numbers, everyone, audience and cast, left the Blackbox feeling inspired, ending out another successful professional show while looking forward to PHS Eagle Theatre Company’s next masterpiece.