Senior column: Writer, photographer thanks mentors, looks forward to future

Endings can be bittersweet. It’s an exciting opportunity for new beginnings, but at the same time, it’s a door closing. A door full of wonderful memories, new relationships, new ideas and concepts, and more. While writing this column reflecting on my four years at Prosper High School, I’m feeling that bittersweet feeling. The feeling where you don’t know whether or not to laugh or cry. The feeling where you push things off because in the back of your mind, you really don’t want it to end, no matter how much you say you want to. As I move on to new beginnings, I want to take a minute to reflect on my old ones, and close the doors with confidence. 

The Beginning

I took photojournalism my freshman year so that I could eventually do yearbook. I had always wanted to take pictures and design pages, and alongside that, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. Journalism has always been in my field of interest. My photojournalism teacher, Mrs. Roskens, introduced me to our school’s newspaper, Eagle Nation Online. I didn’t even know a digital newspaper existed. After lots of convincing, instead of my path toward yearbook, I decided to take newspaper, and that forever changed my life. 

I fell in love with writing and even more in photography. I covered so many things that I never thought I would, and got various awards for my writing and slideshows. Eagle Nation Online has given me so many opportunities that I never thought I would have. I’ve met some amazing friends through the newspaper, an incredible advisor, and I have learned so much about myself and others. 

It’s an honor to say I’ve been a reporter for three years now, and that it has been such a great addition to my high school years. Journalism has opened my eyes to even more than just news writing, but other forms of creative media as well. It’s shown me my love for filmmaking, and what I want to do with my life going forward. 

Thank You

I want to thank Mrs.  Roskens for being my number-one fan throughout my high school years. Mrs. Roskens is the type of person that no matter what you do, she will always support you and be your biggest cheerleader. Her positivity and her willingness to give me as many amazing opportunities as possible really got me through high school, and she is an adviser that I will never forget. 

I want to also thank my film teacher, Mr. Logan. Mr. Logan pushed me to succeed with all of my filmmaking endeavors these years, and without his motivation and belief in me, I would not be where I am today, with my vast portfolio. If it weren’t for him and giving me the opportunity to go to film festivals, compete in film competitions, and expand on my creative ideas, I don’t think my future would be as great as I believe it to be. Thank you, Mr. Logan, for being one of the reasons I got into my dream school, The University of Texas. 

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and family for always being by my side. Having as great of a support system as I had throughout high school really helped me understand that people really do value and love me, and that is something I will hold on to forever. I have countless timeless memories of friendship and family gatherings, and I will only make more. Through the rough times and the good ones, I’m so grateful that I had a continuous support system. 

I’m excited to move on and begin a new chapter in my life at UT, but it’s still such a hard goodbye to what my norm has been for four years. I will hold onto the memories forever, and I’m looking forward to making even more memories. 

Signing off, 

Gianna Galante