Review: ‘Gone Girl’ delivers chilling murder mystery


Juliana Cruz

“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn delivers a murder mystery about Amy and Nick Dunne. Writer Juliana Cruz said this story by Flynn gives a chilling read and is highly recommended. “The plot was a lot more complex than it seemed,” Cruz said. “Flynn makes sure to include small details of just the setting to make the reader as uncomfortable as possible.”

Juliana Cruz, Reporter


Love was always easy between Nick Dunne and Amy-Elliot Dunne. Or at least it was, in their early stage of dating.

While living with money seemed easy, Amy didn’t get to learn real-world experiences. Her books set off her career, enough to support her parents as well — she was brilliant. In contrast, Nick lived his life as a ‘low-life’ writer. The Dunnes met each other at a party, where their spark kicked off. Living in a New York City apartment felt like a dream to the ‘perfect’ couple. The couple’s lives took a quick turn, with the loss of their jobs and Nick’s mom being sick making him drag Amy to North Carthage, Missouri.

What the Dunnes didn’t know was that their relationship wouldn’t be a perfect love story. Nick wakes up to his wife missing on their fifth anniversary. Gathering the small community together, Mr. Dunne finds his suspects of who may have kidnapped his wife. The cops find Nick as the prime suspect of his disappearance, turning the neighborhood against him. The police continue to investigate the couple’s ‘happy’ marriage to reveal who The Dunnes really are.

My Opinion

“Gone Girl” is definitely a genre outside of my comfortable reading zone. I read more romantic or even thriller books rather than mysteries. Branching out for this book was so worth it, Gillian Flynn has a very unique writing style. The plot was a lot more complex than it seemed, Flynn makes sure to include small details of just the setting to make the reader as uncomfortable as possible.

I personally didn’t enjoy how long it took for the plot to finally settle, it felt too long for the book to be interesting. I was about to put down the book but once I hit the peak of the book, I was glued to it. The long descriptions of Amy, Nick and the police came in handy for the plot twist and I quickly understood why it could’ve taken a while to reach a peak.

The chapters rotate between Nick and Amy’s experiences of her disappearance. This book was a very long read but unique for its different outline and plot. Flynn captures moments of real-life experiences that may occur that other authors don’t even dip their feet in.