News Brief: School board to appoint new president


In the evening, the Prosper administration building sits unattended. The school board meetings are held at the administration building. The special meeting held on Feb. 7 discussed the replacement for the school board president.

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After the resignation of president Andrew Wilson (place 7), the school board met to decide on further action. Originally the special meeting was scheduled for Jan. 31 but due to the ice storm, the meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 6 p.m.

Dallas police arrested and charged Wilson for child indecency from an incident in April of 2022. Wilson carried out the allegations during his past job as a pastor at Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. A Prosper ISD parent discovered the allegations. The board was notified of his arrest Jan. 25.

Twelve community members spoke publicly during the meeting of Jan. 25. One of these was a Rock Hill student who discussed his care for the district and hopes to prevent unfortunate events within Prosper in the future.

The board went into an executive session to discuss the matters during the meeting. Board member Debra Smith (place 3) will fill the president role temporarily until a new appointee is designated. Smith has been on the board since 2020. With that, the board members’ roles have been reorganized. The board can either appoint or special elect the new president. According to Education Code 11.060, the board has 180 days to decide who will fill the role.

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