Review: ‘Twisted Love’ excites readers with corrupt romance


Twisted Love by Ana Huang illustrates a dark romance. This book can be found at your local book store. “I was excited to start reading this book,” senior and writer Maya Contreras said. “It was a fast read, and I can’t wait to read the next one.”


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Something that I came away from the book with was that the greatest friends are the ones who stick up for you and are always by your side.

— Maya Contreras

Rain never bothered Ava. That is until Alex Volkov had to drive her home after her car ride failed to reach her location.

Independent and creative, Ava Chen studies photography at Thayer University, while multimillionaire college graduate Alex Volkov made his fortune off of the financial software he made in high school. Before he turned 18, he even quadrupled his inheritance.

Ava and Alex have known each other ever since her brother introduced him at Thanksgiving dinner. Josh Chen, Ava’s brother, went to college with Alex, and they have been best friends ever since.

Both Ava and Alex have suffered from trauma throughout their childhood and continue to fight and relive it through their dreams and imagination. This trauma has made them lose their ability to express their emotion, an issue that comes up throughout the book as both characters work to discover whether they can regain that ability.

Alex has been tasked with the job of watching over Ava while Josh is out of the country. Ava has one goal while he spends time with her: to make Alex feel emotion again.

Making time for one another seems to have an effect on their relationship. Through reading their story, the audience finds out if love is strong enough to break through emotional barriers.


After researching this book, I had high expectations about the characters and their stories. I was disappointed when the plot wasn’t mentioned earlier in the book. However, “Twisted Love” did a great job bringing a unique story to different characters and how they handle trauma differently. It was interesting to see how both characters experienced trauma and helped one another through it.

A great aspect of this book was how the guy fell first. It isn’t often that a romance novel captures the experience a guy goes through when he falls in love, as novels are normally centered around the female character and her experiences.

One thing I wish I had read more about is how Alex was able to connect with Ava. Most of the book was spent with Ava trying to make him feel and work through his trauma.

Another great thing about reading this book was how fast-paced it was. Each chapter brought a new setting and event to the story. I especially enjoyed how the book demonstrated the power of friendship and how your best friends can get you through anything. Something that I came away from the book with was that the greatest friends are the ones who stick up for you and are always by your side.

Overall, this book was an easy read that left you wanting more, as well as wondering if love is enough to forget your troubles.