Review: Hocus Pocus 2 fails to meet expectations, enjoyable regardless


Erica Deutsch

Pictured above, Hocus Pocus 2, released on Disney Plus, plays on sophomore Erica Deutsch’s TV. Deutsch, a fan of the original movie, reflects on the movie through the review below. “This movie was exciting to watch as it is a continuation of the first one released in 1993,” Deutsch said. “It’s funny and for the most part, a good watch for the whole family to enjoy”.

As Halloween is just around the corner, Disney Plus released the new Hocus Pocus movie on Sept. 30, and I couldn’t wait to watch it.

If you don’t mind spending an hour and 43 minutes watching a benign, mediocre movie, then this movie will suit you.

The movie is based off of the original movie Hocus Pocus, released in 1993 and directed by Kenny Ortega. Anna Fletcher directed Hocus Pocus 2. The movie covers the lives of two girls: Becca, played by Whitney Peak, and Izzy, played by Belissa Escobedo, who comes across a candle that will revive the Sanderson sisters played by Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker – a legend of three witches that has been passed down from generation to generation in their town of Salem. They reunite with their childhood friend Cassie Traske, played by Lilia Buckingham, to put an end to the Sanderson Sisters for good.

Apart from the mediocrity, it was still fun to watch in the moment, and definitely got me in the mood of Halloween.

— Erica Deutsch

I watched the original movie first, and then watched the sequel. The overall plot of the stories are slightly different, especially the main motive of the original movie of the Sanderson Sisters, being that they want to find children to steal their youth from them so they can stay young.

In the new movie, being the most powerful witches in the world was the main motive of the Sanderson Sisters. In both movies, both groups of kids accidentally bring back the Sanderson sisters, but come together and work as a team to get rid of them. Additionally, in the new movie, a twist emerges where Becca develops supernatural powers of her own.

Some critics claim the plot of the new movie doesn’t meet the expectations of a sequel to the first movie. Others called it “enjoyable” and say it “will undeniably get you in the Halloween spirit.”

Overall, I thought the movie was mediocre. The graphics were definitely better then the first movie, but I liked the plot of the first movie better, and the humor of the Sanderson sisters hit a little harder in the first one than in the second one. I also wish they could have brought back the original kids from the first movie.

Apart from the mediocrity, it was still fun to watch in the moment, and definitely got me in the mood of Halloween. I would rate this movie a 7/10. Check it out!