Column: Enhypen takes on Fort Worth with 1st world tour

Reviewer gives glimpses at strategy to gain front-row for ‘Manifesto’


Gianna Galante

Bowing to the crowd, Enhypen concludes the group’s show. Enhypen’s first world tour “Manifesto” kicked off in Seoul, Korea, Sep. 17. The members plan to perform in 10 cities. In Fort Worth, Enhypen performed all of its title tracks, such as “Given-Taken” or “Pass The Mic,” along with popular b-sides, such as “Fever” and “Let Me In (20 Cube).”

The idea of camping out overnight outside in the streets just for the chance to be close to your favorite artists probably sounds crazy to the average person. Well, that’s exactly what I did, and it was quite a memorable experience, as well as a night to never forget. Follow me and hundreds of other fans’ journeys through a vlog, documenting the steps I took to prepare for the performance by a rising k-pop boy group, Enhypen, in Fort Worth.


The Night Before

Sporting the Sharpie marks, Gianna Galante and Madi McDow’s hands share their line numbers. Galante has camped out for many concerts before. She recently saw 5 Seconds Of Summer, and camped out for 16 hours before that show. For Enhypen, the wait included more than 24 hours. (Gianna Galante)

Enhypen’s tour date for Fort Worth was Oct. 10, 2022. Lots of others and I had VIP general admission, meaning one thing and one thing only: we had to be dedicated to get the front row. A general admission pit means no designated seats exist, and if you want to get close, you have to wait for it. My best friend Madi McDow and I decided to put in the dedication, go the extra mile and line up for this show. She picked me up from my house, and from there the journey began.

We arrived outside of Dickies Arena around 4:00 p.m. Oct. 9, a little over one day before the concert actually began. From there, we played the waiting game. The line leader numbered our hands to secure our spot, and all we had to do from there is wait.

The night went by pretty fast in my opinion, and we met a bunch of cool people who shared our same bias (favorite member), favorite songs, etc. Meeting friends proved easy since we were all there with the same common interest: that of which was the group we were waiting to see – Enhypen.

Waiting in the tent, Galante camps out in the Dickies Arena parking lot. Galante waited at the Fort Worth venue for more than 24 hours to see Enhypen. Galante stayed at the venue the night before the Oct. 6 concert. (Gianna Galante)

Around midnight, security moved our line to the official Dickies Arena parking lot. We got to camp out and sleep from there. Madi and I put our tent up, and slept pretty well throughout the night. Most people stayed up and talked, danced, or played games.

Concert Day

We woke up around 7 a.m. Oct. 6, and it was officially the day of the concert. Security broke the news to us that we could not leave the venue from here on out, and so me, and many other fangirls rushed to their cars to get ready. Getting ready for a concert in the venue parking lot is anything but glamorous, but just the excitement for seeing our favorite artist soon made the stresses and discomforts go away.

Camping through the day was, to put it shortly, created a nightmare. The Texas heat, mixed with hundreds of people in a line sitting on concrete, proved to be far from fun. We were sunburnt, dehydrated, tired  – and started to grow annoyed with each other. Phones started to die, food was low and we were close to giving up hope.

Senior Gianna Galante takes a break from the line in her concert outfit. Galante’s outfit was inspired by her favorite member Park Sunghoon. Many people at k-pop concerts recreate the stage or award-show outfits of the performing band. (Gianna Galante)

The venue tried its best to relieve our annoyance with pastimes, including opening up food and water stores and allowing us to tour merchandise shopping.

After 24 hours, Madi and I were exhausted. The only thing having us holding on by a thread was that we were about to be let in the venue. Finally, at 5:30 p.m., admission was ours.

The Concert

With hands on shoulders, Enhypen concludes their group’s choreography. Enhypen has many different choreographies to their works’ title tracks. Alongside those performances, the k-pop band performed select choreography for b-sides as well. (Gianna Galante)

We sprinted to the stage, and after all the waiting, we got to the barricade of the pit. As soon as my hand touched the rail, the hardship, dehydration, boredom and stress left my body. I had a sigh of relief, knowing that the dedication we put in paid off.

The concert was amazing. Enhypen performed all their title tracks, such as “Given-Taken” or “Pass The Mic,” along with their popular b-sides, such as “Fever” or “Let Me In (20 Cube).” I got many interactions with the boys, saw my favorite choreography, and got to dance and have an amazing night with my best friend – and my new friends.

Although a lot of cons came with camping out for so long, the bonds we created during the time we waited are probably some of that will last. Knowing that so many people shared the same common interest as I did makes me feel comfortable in my skin. All in all, throughout all the hardships, it was 100% worth it.