Three-time NBA champion LeBron James signs four-year deal with Los Angeles Lakers


LeBron James in a game with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Picture Credits: Flickr – Keith Allison

Zach Markey, Sports Writer and Editor

King James has found a new home. The 14-time NBA all-star signed a $154 million contract that will see him play in Los Angeles for the next four seasons. Lebron James is regarded by most as one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, and joining a historic franchise in the Los Angeles Lakers only adds to his legacy. As long as James wins, of course.

Previously, Lebron had spent a total of 11 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, and 4 years with the Miami Heat. James’ total amount of years with Cleveland had spanned two parts. LBJ was originally drafted in 2003 by the Cavaliers and spent his first seven years in the league with them. However, after a frustrating seven years that only saw King James reach the NBA Finals once, James made the decision to take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.

In his four years with Miami, Lebron learned how to win. With the Heat, he reached the NBA Finals every year and ended up winning two NBA championships. After these four years of becoming more mature and learning how to achieve greatness, James felt as if it was time to return home and rejoin the Cavaliers.

His four additional seasons with the Cavaliers saw him reach four more NBA Finals. But with Cleveland, he only won one NBA title in 2016. Nevertheless, the King achieved his goal by bringing the city of Cleveland their first professional sports championship in a long time.

This brings us to the present day. After a 2017-2018 season full of bad trades and an overall lack of talent around James, he felt as if it was in his best interest to move out West and join a more up and coming franchise with the Lakers.

The Lakers are managed by a fellow basketball legend, Ervin Magic Johnson, who is the general manager of the team. It has been publicly known that Lebron respects Johnson, and it shows with this transaction.

Lebron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers means a lot for the rest of the league. James has officially shifted from the Eastern to the Western Conference. Even before this move, the Eastern Conference was widely known as the lesser-talented side of the NBA. With LBJ moving, this leaves this conference with an uncertainty of who will come out as the Eastern Conference champions, as Lebron had won the conference the previous eight seasons.

The Western Conference becomes even more loaded with the addition of James. The champions of the last two years, the Golden State Warriors,  now have another barrier to climb to even reach the NBA finals.

This NBA season should be one to remember. Lebron, who is much bigger than basketball, has now made the switch to one of if not the biggest market in the United States to pursue his ventures in entertainment and business. To me, this was the right move for James if he wants to be remembered as the greatest basketball player to ever live.