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A Euphoria-based digitally constructed image made with Canva by senior and Multimedia Director Caleb Audia is shown above. Labrinth introduced Euphoria’s Season 2 soundtrack on Friday, April 22 with a total of 24 tracks. “With a total of 24 tracks, this work will never get old, and has something for everyone to enjoy,” Audia said. “From gospel, to rap to electronic funk, Labrinth has reset the standards on how musically diverse soundtracks can be.”

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Singer-songwriter-producer Labrinth is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

The scoring to the second season of the HBO hit show “Euphoria” officially debuted Friday, Apr. 22 – and it’s incredible. With a total of 24 tracks, this work will never get old and has something for everyone to enjoy. From gospel, to rap to electronic funk, Labrinth has reset the standards on how musically diverse soundtracks can be.

Labrinth, who’s real name is Timothy McKenzie, is a British musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. His most notable work includes his supergroup LSD with Sia and Diplo, his solo album “Imagination and the Misfit Kid” and his soundtracks to both seasons of “Euphoria.” My review of the top tracks from the first season can be found linked at the bottom of the page, as well as a review of the show’s second season.

Listed below is a review of my favorite top five songs on the soundtrack.

No. 1 – I’m Tired (All Versions)

While technically three different tracks, specifically tracks one, 22 and 24, “I’m Tired” reigns as my favorite song by Labrinth ever. Nothing has ever compared to the feelings that I, and many other viewers, felt when watching the second season and seeing the infamous “church scene.”

Labrinth’s unparalleled vocal ability, songwriting and production matched Zendaya’s character, Rue, and her journey perfectly. Tears instantly poured down my face during the drop of the song, where Rue is seen hugging her deceased father as Labrinth belts over the emotionally-bearing track. Chills still shiver down my spine every time I rewatch the scene, especially during the beginning of the song where Labrinth quietly sings, “Hey Lord, you know I’m tired of tears, hey Lord, just cut me loose.”

While the original version that debuted in the season did not feature Zendaya’s vocals, the remixed version was later released after the season finale, and fans went crazy – and as they should. Zendaya’s vocals were incredible over Labrinth’s beautiful piano playing production, and her crawling whispers of the lyrics before the first drop quietly introduce her character’s development as the season progressed. With re-written verses at the end, such as, “Hey Lord, I want to stay,” Rue has recovered from her drug addiction and suicidal plans on a path to redemption.

No. 2 – Mount Everest (Bonus Track)

Ever since I first heard this track back in 2019 as a part of Labrinth’s “Imagination and the Misfit Kid” album, I instantly fell in love with how imperfect it seemed. Between the piano and the drop, this song offers a variety of instruments and lyrical flows that compel the listener to keep listening.

“Mount Everest” was my favorite song by Labrinth until “I’m Tired” was released, but that doesn’t mean this track should be invalidated. My personal favorite part about the track is the last musical drop. It’s amazing how Labrinth was able to create such a distinct and unique sound, and I’m glad it was included in this album.

No. 3 – Love Is Complicated (The Angels Sing)

I first heard this song on Labrinth’s Instagram Live, and one word continues to come to mind after hearing it – beautiful. Labrinth creates an angelic vibe using his voice and modulation effects. It creates a one-of-a-kind ambience that I’ve never heard before, and it’s incredible. In the first verse, Labrinth quietly sings, “Come and ride or die to / The bitter end / Meet me halfway / One step from heaven.” The lyrics, instruments and Labrinth’s vocals all pair together nicely, making this song is definitely one that listeners should hear.

No. 4 – Fun At The Alley

Picking up the pace, “Fun At The Alley” is a very electronically-induced song. In my opinion, it gave me flashbacks to Labrinth’s previous albums, and it was a great throwback song. Nonetheless, this track is a great addition to the soundtrack, and deserves at least a listen or two – especially after the former heartbreaking songs that were introduced in the scoring.

No. 5 – ICE

Now, this was a song worth waiting for. “ICE” is a great bass-induced track that I speculate will be seen on Labrinth’s trending page. While it’s not my favorite on the album, I truly enjoy every listen of this song and find myself hitting the replay button. Not only is the production nothing short of amazing, but Labrinth’s voice and added-in vocal effects truly make this track like no other. If I had to rate this song, I’d give it a 9/10.


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