Review – HBO hit-show ‘Euphoria’ presents Labrinth in new soundtrack


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Caleb Audia reviews Labrinth's new album, which was released on Oct. 4. Accompanying the massive-hit HBO show, "Euphoria," this soundtrack gives fans new material. "This album has at least one song each specific person will love," Audia said. "The soundtrack, being 26 tracks long, never gets old."

Labrinth - Formula (Youtube)

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Labrinth released his soundtrack from the original HBO show “Euphoria” on Oct. 4, and it is incomparable to his past tracks. The soundtrack, being 26 tracks long, never gets old as it offers something new for every re-listen. Whether you are chilling on the couch or completing your homework, this album has at least one song each specific person will love.

Labrinth started his singing career in 2010, releasing his debut single, “Let The Sun Shine.” Between then and 2018, Labrinth underwent various popularity struggles, until he joined a supergroup, known as “LSD.” The group consisted of Labrinth, pop-star Sia, and mega-hit producer Diplo.

They went along the summer of 2018, releasing an abundance of radio hits. This included “Thunderclouds,” and they later dropped their debut album in 2019. After releasing three “Euphoria”-related singles, including the well-produced “All For Us” featuring Zendaya, Labrinth announced the drop date of this “Euphoria” scoring

The amazingly written and acted HBO show “Euphoria,” gave a multitude of viewers an insight into what present-day high school is influencing. The character Rue, who actress Zendaya portrays, reflects Rue’s life after coming back from a rehabilitation center after her younger sister found her overdosed. Rue goes through numerous social and drug-related issues throughout the series. Also, the show introduces the new actress Hunter Schafer, who plays the character, Jules. Rue and Jules become good friends after struggling through the social pressure of high school and end up in a complicated, one-sided relationship. The show wrapped up Episode 8 of Season 1 on Aug. 4, 2019, and later received a renewal for a second season. 

Whether you are chilling on the couch or completing your homework, this album has at least one song each specific person will love.”

— Caleb Audia

Here is my review of the top 10 tracks:

#1 – Formula

Starting off, track No. 2 is titledFormula.” This song heavily exposes the listener to the overall mood and direction of the production throughout the album. While remaining consistent in the composure of this song, Labrinth surprises the listener by flexing his vocal production skills. All in all, this song ties with “When I R.I.P.” as my favorite on the album. 

#2 – When I R.I.P.

Listed as track No. 24 is “When I R.I.P..” When this track first premiered on the show, fans went crazy. With emotional lyrics, over-accomplishing production, and magical listening experiences: this song has it all. Labrinth belts out over the outstanding production, “Feel the morning on my face / Ain’t a pill that I didn’t take / Just alive tryin’ ’cause it’s been a long day / ‘Cause I’m asleep when I R.I.P..” Similar to “Formula,” I can’t seem to get enough of this piece of art

#3 – Still Don’t Know My Name

Still Don’t Know My Nameis marked as track No. 12. Famously known as a “Euphoria” fan favorite, the song feels overly tweaked and can be taken as a sense of purity throughout the album. A plethora of listeners compares this track to the perfected production of the show.

#4 – Nate Growing Up

Nate Growing Up” is No. 6 on the soundtrack. Introducing superb vocal chops and productional value, this song has become the main focus of all the “Euphoria” episode trailers. Edited and mastered by Labrinth, it becomes unique and original.

#5 – Forever

Track No. 4, “Forever,” brings back a sense of relaxation to the listener. This is accomplished by the amazing production level and vocal ranges. With no lyrics present, Labrinth perfects the listener’s experience by focusing on his voice and the beat

#6 – McKay & Cassie

McKay & Cassieis listed as track No. 22 and reminds many listeners of the classic love and hate relationship of the two characters on the show. It mocks the value of classic ’70s and ’80s music. “There’s no escaping / those ocean eyes,” Labrinth projects over the beat, making it memorable for the listener.

#7 – We All Knew

Track No. 8, “We All Knew,” creates a pristine feeling in the listener. Not including any lyrics, only vocal runs, lets the listener focus on the vocal range and performance on Labrinth’s voice. While being based on a slow tempo, this song does just that.

#8 – Shy Guy

Track No. 10, “Shy Guy,” brings many vocal cracks and productional risers that may remind listeners of a “Jurassic World” feel. No lyrics are present, just Labrinth’s taintless and downright shocking vocal range. 

#9 – WTF Are We Talking For

Track No. 17, “WTF Are We Talking For,” has a piano-mocking beat that Labrinth gloats over. Attempting to make a catchy song, Labrinth brings a suttle beat-drop with a distorted synth, giving the listener something new.

#10 – Gangster

As track No. 23, “Gangster,” promotes Labrinth’s magnificent productional levels and his set of creativity. Labrinth does not sing in this song; however, he expects the listener to jam out to his original synth progressions and beat