Gratitude Column: Writer shows thankfulness for childhood friends

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Finding something I’m grateful for is a difficult task. Not because I’m not grateful, but it’s hard to find something interesting and unique to be grateful for. Originally, I really wanted to write about my friends, but I thought it was too simple and boring. However, they mean everything to me. But in the end it’s not just about the people, but the memories I’ve made with them. 

There are two moments in my life that mean everything to me and make me realize how special the gift of life is. 

At the beginning of my eighth-grade year, I moved to Prosper from Frisco, and it’s safe to say I was less than happy about it. My best friend, Analise Major, knew that I was struggling with this sudden change of pace and had invited me to go strawberry picking with her. We were both so excited, and we got ready at my house. We dressed in our cutest clothes. On our way there, we were practically jumping off the walls. When we arrived, it started to rain. And then, it started to pour. We were less than prepared for this and were both wearing shorts and T-shirts with no umbrella. But, we had gone all that way, and we were getting our strawberries. After about 15 minutes of running around in 4 inches of mud and desperately trying to find quality strawberries, we got back in the car completely soaked from head to toe. It didn’t bring us down at all, and we just giggled about it for hours. At the end, I was uncomfortable, cold, and dirty, but that wasn’t important because I was with my best friend, and that’s all that mattered.

These moments changed my life, and they occupy my mind often.”

— Lily Oxley

Another one of my good friends from my old school, Caroline Ammons, has been there for me no matter what. Three years ago she was having some friends over for her birthday, and on the same day, there was a dance at my old school. I had convinced her that I couldn’t go and told her I felt awful, and I would make it up to her. However, I spoke to her mom and told her I could come, but was planning to surprise her. I made a sign on a big poster board asking her to go to the dance with me. When I showed up outside of her house that morning, her sister had asked her to get something from the garage. We hadn’t seen each other for months. When she walked outside and saw me standing there holding that sign, she ran up, hugged me, and cried. That moment happened in slow motion for me. It was like a movie scene, and every day I think of how grateful I am for that memory.

These moments changed my life, and they occupy my mind often.

I am incredibly grateful for not only these memories but the people I was lucky enough to share them with. Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds me to tell the people I care about I love them.