Podcast: The Game Room – Episode 1 – Favorites of Gaming

Student cast discusses their gaming roots, favorite games and genres


In their first episode, senior Aiden Ulmer, senior Michael Ramirez, freshman Jake Radcliffe and sophomore Christian Alfano discuss their favorite games, what got them started in gaming and where they are now. They discussed various topics such as the Nintendo Wii, Visual Novels, Indie Games, Destiny 2, the Persona series, Risk of Rain 2 and more. “I started out with the Wii,” Radcliffe said. “Back in third grade, we called it the ‘Us.'”

In this first episode of “The Game Room,” freshman Jake Radcliffe, sophomore Christian Alfano, and seniors Michael Ramirez and Aiden Ulmer talk about how they started playing video games, their progression with gaming and their favorite games and genres.

Topics Covered:

Nintendo consoles

Xbox consoles

PlayStation consoles

PC gaming

Retro Gaming

Massively multiplayer online games

Role playing games

Open world games

2D Platformers


Persona (series)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Assassin’s Creed

Destiny 2 

Risk of Rain 2 

Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy


Music from the Free Music YouTube channel.

Night Shade by AdhesiveWombat

Underclocked by Eric Skiff

MAZE by Density and Time