Review: ‘It Ends With Us’ breaks readers with intense romance

Maya Contreras

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover highlights a unique story with consequences for loving someone. This book can be found at your local target or on “I’ve never felt so emotional over a book until this one,” junior and writer Maya Contreras said, “The storyline was unexpected and caught me off guard.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Book Summary:

Sitting on the top ledge of an apartment complex, Lily Bloom is suddenly interrupted when the door is forced open by Ryle Kincaid. After a great late night conversation, Lily can’t help but think about Ryle for the next few weeks.

Lily is a marketing major with dreams of opening up her own flower shop. She has always worked hard for where she is at, and never lets anything get in her way. No one has ever pushed her to venture off on her own — until she met Ryle.

Ryle Kincaid is a remarkable neurosurgeon, who is also stubborn, persistent and even forceful. At times, though, Ryle can also be kind, compassionate, and smart. But, his strong dislike of relationships can be questionable.

With the help of Ryle’s sister Allysa, Lily is able to understand the reason behind Ryle’s unpredictable behavior, and finally open up her successful flower shop.

When Lily and Ryle are together, times can be unbelievable. All of their timely moments amount to a grand relationship, full of both love and passion. In their time spent together, nothing else matters.

It is when Lily seems to be in a great place in her life that someone from her past is suddenly reintroduced. Atlas Corrigan was Lily’s first love whom she left behind back in their small town. Atlas was her rock, and, together, they helped one another protect themselves. This innocent reintroduction of her first love threatens Ryle, and puts more pressure on their relationship.

Personal Opinion:

“It Ends With Us” definitely made me cry. I was speechless, and couldn’t comprehend what had happened. Author Colleen Hoover brings the beginning of the book to the whole plot of the story.

One of the greatest aspects of this book is the twist to it. Not only is the turning point so unexpected to the reader, but the main character, too. As the reader is just tying together what has happened, so is Lily, which allows you to experience it just as much as she is.

Lily might be one of the best characters Hoover has created. Her strength to put herself first and make it through an unthinkable situation inspires me. Her emotions were so true and real, and that made it so easy to connect with her.

Another great part of this book was the journal entries that Lily reads in her chapters. The entries give an insight into her past, while still tying it into her present. With these journal entries, the audience is able to see the origin of Lily’s strength, and just how uncontrollable her life really was. To be able to see her take back that control in the later chapters is truly amazing.

Being a new romance reader, I was questioning whether or not it was a good genre, because characteristics seem to be repeated throughout different books. But, with Hoover’s books you can always expect something different and unique pertaining to each story.

Once again, Hoover is able to communicate another great message: sometimes, the people you love the most can also hurt you the most. Love means sacrifice, and staying headstrong.

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